Pipedrive & Onoff Business integration: Boost your productivity!

← Blog Pipedrive & Onoff Integration: Boost Your Productivity Today, more and more companies are choosing a CRM in order to manage their data and customer relationships in a more efficient way. And as they go through this digital transformation process, sales teams and customer service agents will need, at any moment, to get in […]

Welcome to Onoff Telecom!

← Blog Welcome to Onoff Telecom So, who is behind the Onoff Telecom applications? What is it like to be part of this startup created by Taïg Khris? Meet our team, driven by a passion for innovation, a mix of diverse and international profiles, led by our atypical founder. Our mission: revolution! Reinventing the telecom […]

Turnover : how to ensure customer follow up

← Blog Turnover : how to ensure customer follow up The departure of an employee is always a delicate matter and the same goes for a sales person, because of his privileged relationship with customers. Managing this turnover is also important for the customer follow-up. A departure is also important for your company’s reputation: managing […]

Dematerialization: 7 solutions for your company

← Blog Dematerialization: 7 solutions for your company Whether it is in an ecological approach, to reduce costs, to optimize administrative procedures or to save time, dematerialization has many advantages. A simple electronic invoice can reduce processing costs by about 25%. But dematerialization is not only limited to administrative processes, in fact, different tools allow […]

Digital transformation : switch to Onoff Business!

← Blog Digital transformation: switch to Onoff Business Are French people resistant to digital technology? The French, skeptical about innovation 90% of French people believe that innovation is not necessarily an improvement for everyday life (Opinionway survey for Amaguiz from 2018). In this survey, none of the digital innovations fully attract support: neither connected objects, […]

Cold calling : is teleprospecting is outdated?

← Blog Cold calling : is teleprospecting outdated? “Hello, have you heard about our latest off…” We hung up straight away! Cold calling is rarely appreciated, so is it a good sales tool? No, according to statistics. Less than 2% of cold calls actually lead to an appointment. And if you have a look at […]

“It took me 10 minutes to set up professional number using Onoff Business”

← Blog “It took me 10 minutes to set up professional numbers using Onoff Business.” Alexis Jacquier, Director of the Mission locale de Chablais How to set up a professional line for your team members in record time, when the lockdown has just been announced? The Mission locale jeunes du Chablais, supporting teenagers and young […]