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The equivalent of :

-Paris- Madrid trips by plane

-M2 of forest

-KMs in Peugeot 208

-hours on Google Meet

*By using the calculator you authorize us to use the data entered to carry out a comparison and to also use this information for potential marketing studies. This data will never be shared with a third party.
** The energy of European countries is more carbon-intensive than the energy produced in France, hence this distinction. For example:
Consuming 1 kWh of electricity generates the emission:
- In France: 59 grams of CO2e;
- In Europe: 420 grams of CO2e;

Our results are based on official figures provided by ADEME in collaboration with Sami, an agency that specializes in the carbon footprint of companies. The calculations are based on the number of emissions produced on the one hand by the Onoff Business application and on the other hand on the number of emissions produced necessary for the construction of a new mobile phone on the market.

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