What is telephony “in the cloud” ?

Cloud telephony is a 100% online telephony system.


“In the cloud” or simply “cloud telephony”, also called “digital telephony”, means that the entire infrastructure is hosted in the cloud, there is no physical hardware. This type of telephony requires an internet connection to work.

What are the advantages of cloud telephony?

Cloud technology removes the need for companies to have or obtain expensive hardware. All service and functionality can be configured online. This gives the flexibility to manage the fleet remotely, no need to be in the office physically. Management is made online, in a simple and fast way.

How to set up cloud telephony in 3 steps?

Setting up cloud telephony is quick and easy.
Below, you will find the three steps for setting up the Onoff Business cloud telephony solution:

How much does a cloud phone system cost?

The cost depends on the chosen operator and the adopted solution, as the functionalities may vary.

Is cloud telephony a safe system?

Cloud telephony is a secured system. The access to the platform is protected against attacks and permanently monitored on a high level. Moreover, call flows between users and the platform are encrypted.

Is digital telephony suitable for teleworking?

Cloud telephony is the perfect solution for remote teams, as it allows the entire fleet to be managed and responds quickly to internal company changes, even from afar.
Employees can manage their communications efficiently from anywhere. With the Onoff Business solution, you only have to use an application on your mobile phone, computer and/or tablet. This means that you and your employees can connect from any device.

What are the differences between PABX, IPBX and CLOUD PBX?

PABX standards are old, even obsolete technologies. They use analogue telephone networks. One of the few advantages of this technology is its independence from the company’s internet connection.
If the Internet connection is not working for any reason, the company can still make calls. However, each additional phone line is an investment and requires a specialist’s intervention. This solution can be very expensive and limited when it comes to certain functionalities, today required by many businesses.
PBXs will disappear over time with the switch-off of analogue networks underway in many countries. Companies using PBXs will therefore necessarily have to migrate to an IPBX or Cloud PBX solution.
The IPBX, also known as the “IP PBX”, uses the Internet to carry telephone communications. Compared to a traditional PBX, this solution is much more flexible, as it makes use of the company’s IP network and thus facilitates the installation of new telephone lines.
However, an IPBX remains a piece of equipment hosted in the company, to which all the lines are connected. For an even more flexible and connected management of the service, a “Cloud PBX” solution should be preferred.
The Cloud PBX is the most advantageous solution for a company. It makes use of all the advantages of a cloud telephony system:

  • Dematerialisation;
  • Remote management and configuration;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Security;
  • Functionality.

What kind of Cloud PBX solutions are available?

There are many Cloud PBX solutions provided by operators.
At Onoff Business, we offer 2 Cloud PBX solutions:

Telephony via Microsoft Teams,

which offers a range of proven PBX functions based on the expertise acquired through its Lync and Skype for Business solutions

Greeting - Onoff's Cloud PBX technology,

currently in its very first stages, but it will provide many services in the future…

What are the advantages of cloud telephony for your company?

Cloud telephony has many advantages over traditional telephony. This innovative solution saves your company money and time, makes your employees more productive and business communications more flexible.

Asset 1

Thanks to a 100% digital solution, your employees are not dependent on a terminal or professional equipment to make calls. You can keep in touch with your customers at all times.

Asset 2

The fact that you can eliminate the use of physical hardware has a significant impact on your monthly telephony budget. It also has a positive effect on the environment!

Asset 3

Mobile fleet management becomes more flexible and much easier. Unlike a dedicated phone system, cloud technology allows you to add as many users as you want, very easily.

What features are available with Onoff Business Cloud Telephony?

Onoff Business’ digital telephony offers numerous functionalities for fleet management and communication management.
Assigning numbers to employees and reallocating numbers in a few clicks when it comes to fleet management, are just a few examples.

  • Calls;
  • SMS;
  • MMS;
  • Scheduling of SMS sending.

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Why you should choose Onoff Business for your cloud telephony

The Onoff Business solution differs from other solutions because we provide virtual mobile numbers and not fixed numbers. Our licensed Cloud Numbers technology allows you to get numbers in the cloud.
We offer a number of features that facilitate day-to-day fleet management as well as features that simplify business communications for employees at a very competitive price. It’s a win-win situation for all parts of the company!
By opting for our solution, you are doing good for the planet, as you will no longer have to buy equipment.
Our latest innovation – Onoff Calls – allows you to make high quality calls over the GSM network without the need for an internet connection! Don’t wait any longer, contact us to digitalise your mobile fleet.

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