So simple you wish you had it before!

Easily assign phone numbers to your employees. Attribute, reattribute, receive one invoice for all numbers. Your colleagues only need to download the app to start making calls !

3 easy steps is all it takes!

Onoff Business explained in video!

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Forget your second mobile phone

Use the Onoff Business mobile application to manage all your professional calls on one phone only. Just download the app and start calling.

All your business in one application

No need for a second SIM card or for another contract. Make your calls, send SMS, receive voicemail and synchronise your contacts. All happens inside the app and you can access it from any device!

No setup, it works instantly!

Make it happen in seconds. No setup required, just sign-up and the interface is instantly active.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Onoff Business makes it possible to call directly from Teams by bringing mobile phone numbers into Teams. Find out more

Transform your business with Onoff Business!

Need a second number for personal calls?

Get a second number with Onoff. Unlimited calls and SMS to France!