Online administration interface

Optimal and entirely digitalised management of your telephone fleet.

Assign business mobile phone numbers to your employees in a matter of clicks.

Transfer your current business numbers to Onoff Business in a few simple steps.

Somebody leaving the company? Reassign a number to another employee in a few clicks.

Record, download and listen to past calls for analysis. Useful for keeping track of important discussions and improving business performance.

Integrate your mobile phone numbers and allow your employees to make calls and send SMS directly from the Teams application.

Access your teams’ call performance data quickly and easily.

Assign landline telephone numbers to your employees in a few clicks.

Choose international plans for your employees so that they can easily communicate with the whole world.

Organise your workspace according to the structure of your company using labels and colours.

Achetez le crédit et donnez de la flexibilité à vos équipes pour appeler des numéros surtaxés et passer des appels internationaux.

When your employees are not working, their numbers can be kept at a lower cost during this time of inactivity.