Record calls

Record, download and listen to past calls for analysis. Useful for keeping track of important discussions and improving business performance.

How to record calls with Onoff Business?

  • Go to the “Call recording” section in the banner at the top of the interface;
  • Activate call recording by clicking on “Activate call recordings” and then click on “I understand”;
  • Make your call from the desired number via the web application
  • When the call is finished, find it in the “Call recording” section of the interface;
  • Listen to the recorded call from the list of recorded calls by clicking on “Play“;
  • You have the option to download or delete a recorded call;
  • To deactivate the call recording, scroll down to the bottom of the same page, in the “Stop recording calls” box click on “Deactivate” then tick the boxes present and click on “Deactivate“.

More features

Access your teams’ call performance data quickly and easily.

Assign business mobile phone numbers to your employees in a matter of clicks.

Assign landline telephone numbers to your employees in a few clicks.

Discover how to use reporting and statistics!

With Onoff Business, access your team’s call statistics quickly and easily. It’s super simple!

Do you have a question?

  • Is it legal to record calls with Onoff Business?

    Laws on call recording vary from country to country and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is important to check the regulations in force in your region before using Onoff Business to record calls.

  • Can I record calls without informing my caller?

    In many countries, it is legal to record calls without informing the other party. However, this may vary depending on the regulations in force in your region.

  • Where can I find my calls on Onoff Business?

    Recorded calls are saved on your device. You can find them by accessing the "Recordings" folder on the Onoff Business platform.

  • Can I share my call recordings with other people?

    Call recordings are saved on your device, so you can share them with other people if you wish. However, it is important to respect the privacy of the people involved in the call and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  • How long are my calls stored on Onoff Business?

    Recorded calls are stored on your device, so there is no predefined time limit. However, it is recommended to delete regularly to free up space on your device.

  • What are the advantages of call recording with Onoff Business?

    Call recording with Onoff Business can offer several advantages to companies, including:

    1- Improve customer service quality: Recorded calls can be used to assess customer service quality by listening to interactions between customers and agents. This will allow companies to easily identify areas for improvement and provide training to agents.
    2- Evidence in case of disputes: When there is a dispute or litigation, call recordings can be used as evidence. They can help resolve misunderstandings and establish facts. Recorded calls can also be used to protect the company from unwarranted claims.
    3- Employee training: The call recording feature can be used to provide additional training to employees. Agents can listen to recorded calls to understand the mistakes they made and learn new techniques to improve their performance.
    4- Recurring Problem Analysis: This feature can be used to analyze recurring issues in customer interactions. Companies can use this information to improve internal processes and policies.
    5- Regulatory compliance: In some industries, call recording may be required to comply with compliance and safety regulations.

    It is important to note that this call recording service must be used in an ethical and legal manner. Companies must inform customers that they are recording calls and obtain their consent. Recorded calls must also be stored securely and protected from unauthorized access.