Do your contacts want to reach you? Answer efficiently with Onoff Business!

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to be easily reachable. This innovative telephony solution will allow you to manage all your business communications in a simple and fluid way.

Manage your business telephony in a flash!

The Onoff Business online administration interface allows you to manage the professional mobile numbers of your doctors, pharmacists and researchers easily and instantly. Assigning, reassigning and porting your business number can be done in a few clicks. Your company always remains the owner of the numbers. You have found the perfect formula!

With the Onoff Business app, converse with your patients efficiently

Your employees just have to download the Onoff Business app directly onto their smartphone.
Thanks to our licensed Cloud Numbers technology, you can have one or more business numbers via a single application.
Your employees can use the assigned mobile number to make calls, sending SMS, voice messages and MMS. All contacts are synchronised and organised according to their own preferences. The application is accessible from their mobile, tablet and desktop to simplify all communications.

A mobile application adapted to your rhythm

In the healthcare sector, it is particularly important to recharge your batteries. When your employees are resting, they can mute their business phone number by simply switching the application to “off” mode. 
This way, they can separate their professional and personal communications in a click. Messages and calls will be carefully stored in the application until they return.

Your employees already have a business mobile phone number? Port them to Onoff Business!

You have already provided your employees with a second phone and a second SIM card, but the management seems too complicated? Don’t worry, carry out the phone number portability directly on the Onoff Business administration interface.
Once you’re done with this step, your employees will be able to keep their mobile number and use it on the Onoff Business app, installed on their smartphone.

An employee has left? Don't panic, simply reassign the phone number!

When one of your employees leaves the pharmacy or the laboratory, or simply goes on vacation, you can assign her or his telephone number to another employee. This happens directly on the Onoff Business administration interface.
You also retain ownership of the data related to the number so that you do not lose any contact with your customers and remain the only focal point.

Competitive pricing

At Onoff Business, we’re offering an attractive rate of only €9 excl. tax per month per number with no hidden costs. And all this without any commitment!

Experiencing difficulties? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Please feel free to consult our FAQ section and our dedicated demo videos. Our support team is available from Monday to Friday to help you if you encounter any difficulties.

Discover the features of Onoff Business in detail

Our solution allows to instantly provide mobile numbers to your employees, through a simple application. The administration interface makes it possible to manage your phone fleet in an easy and immediate way.