A mobile service for the telecommunications companies

The Onoff Business solution combines the reliability of traditional telecommunications with the simplicity of applications.

Take your communications to the next level with Onoff Business

Why would you settle for traditional telephony solutions that no longer meet business needs? It’s time to switch to modern business telephony.
With Onoff Business, you  manage all your business communications on your mobile phone via an application. Our patented Cloud Numbers technology makes it possible to have one or more business numbers available via an application.
Thus, you will be able to:

  • Make all your calls and send SMS, voice messages and MMS;
  • Synchronise and organise all your contacts according to your preferences;
  • Schedule SMS messages to be sent in the future;

These are just a few of the useful features we offer.
The application is accessible from your mobile, tablet and desktop to simplify all your communications within your company. Our solution is adapted to the telecommunications industry.

Increase your turnover

With Onoff Business, your telecom company keeps growing! Your employees can manage their communications in all situations, especially when working from home. This can contribute to increasing the turnover of your enterprise.

An optimised phone system

Onoff Business facilitates the daily management of your telephone fleet – no more contracts, SIM cards or hardware to manage.
Our 100% digital solution is simpler, more efficient and less expensive!
All management is done on our online platform, allowing you to adapt the telephony to your internal needs in a better way.
Allocate and reallocate numbers in a few clicks, receive a single invoice for all your employees. A truly optimised telecommunications solution.

Your business mobile numbers also available in Microsoft Teams

Your employees do not need to use a second (professional) phone to make calls anymore! You can use Onoff Business mobile numbers to call directly from Teams with the mobile or desktop application. Your employees can manage all their communications directly from one phone.

Transparent pricing

With Onoff Business, there are no registration fees, no hidden costs. For a French number the price is €9 excl. tax per month.
We also propose international numbers and packages covering several countries. And our offer is commitment-free!

Customer service at your disposal

Please feel free to consult our FAQ section and our dedicated demo videos. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact our support team.

Discover the features of Onoff Business in detail

Our solution allows to instantly provide mobile numbers to your employees, through a simple application. The administration interface makes it possible to manage your phone fleet in an easy and immediate way.