Integration Hubspot
with Onoff Business telephony

Connect Onoff Business professional telephony with your Hubspot CRM to increase the productivity of your teams and automate repetitive tasks.

Your SMS in Hubspot

Your calls in Hubspot

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Presentation of Hubspot

Hubspot is the CRM tool that provides a 360° view of your sales team’s actions. This comprehensive system offers features to analyze, optimize and automate your sales processes.

Why an integration with Hubspot ?

A complete view of your
employees' communications

The synchronization with Onoff Business allows Hubspot to be enriched with your call data and statistics. You get to have a complete view of all the steps taken during the conversion of a lead. You can also find these statistics on your Hubspot dashboards to be able to analyze and optimize the performance of your employees and teams. 

Your calls from Hubspot in one click!

No need to leave your CRM system to make calls – it’s possible to do it directly from Hubspot. To do this, you just need to install the Onoff Business Chrome extension.  Then, nothing could be easier, just click on a number to place a call, directly from your CRM’s web interface. 

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Attention to detail

All the Hubspot information of your prospects profiles can be found directly in the Onoff Business application to facilitate communication for your employees. Give them all the necessary visibility in order to succeed in negotiations with each prospect!

Why an integration with Hubspot is useful?

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Connect Hubspot to Onoff Business

Connect Onoff Business telephony with your Hubspot CRM system to increase the productivity of your teams and automate repetitive tasks.