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We support 5000 small and medium-sized businesses that place their trust in us.

"The Onoff Business solution has the best quality/price ratio on the market‚ÄĚ

"The Onoff Business solution allowed us to equip our employees with a professional number without investing in neither a SIM card nor a mobile phone."

"Onoff Business answered the need to equip my employees with a mobile line."

"I recommend Onoff Business to all companies that need a fluid and easy telecom operator. We get phone lines for our employees without the need of having to carry around a company phone".

"I chose Onoff Business x Microsoft Teams offer for its competitive pricing and efficient customer care."

"Thanks to the Onoff Business plugin we can manage all calls and SMS exchanges and give a professional number to each team member."

"Onoff allowed us to get business numbers for all our consultants without having to buy phones, as well as to create WhatsApp Business accounts for a better customer follow-up"

"Onoff Business allowed us to have a fleet of mobile phones for my consultants, without having to invest in hardware."

"It's a modern solution that has allowed us to optimise our costs while facilitating our exchanges with our clients and prospects no matter where we are located."

"We chose Onoff Business because it is French (ūüźď), for the ease of implementation, for the price and the relationship with the Onoff team."