Onoff Business meets the hospitality & travel industry’s phone systems needs

The Onoff Business solution makes business communications simple and flexible for your employees. 

An easy-to-deploy mobile application

Manage all your business communication from the Onoff Business application on your personal mobile phone. Our patented Cloud Numbers technology allows you to have one or more business numbers at your disposal via an application. So you can make all your calls and send SMS, voice messages and MMS.
All your contacts are synchronized and organized according to your¬† preferences. Scheduling SMS messages to be sent in the future is also possible… just to name a few of the very useful features we offer.
The application is accessible from your mobile, tablet and desktop to simplify all your communications to best meet your customers’ requirements.

Responding to your customers in all circumstances

Onoff Business has developed a modern and 100% digital solution, so that your employees can manage their communications in any situation, especially when working from home. Our solution is flexible and adapted to the hospitality & travel industry.

Reduce your costs

Onoff Business facilitates your telephone fleet’s daily management Рno more contracts, SIM cards or hardware to manage. Our 100% online solution is also less expensive. The best offer on the market!

A flexible phone system

With Onoff Business everything becomes easier! Management is now done on our online interface, which is easy to use and flexible, especially when you’re dealing with internal changes.
Our label system allows you to organise yourself in order to have a clear view of all teams by department. Assign and reassign numbers in a few clicks!

Simple and attractive pricing

With Onoff Business, there are no registration fees, no hidden costs. For a French number the price is ‚ā¨9 excl. tax per month.
For your international growth, we also offer international numbers and packages covering several countries. And our offer is commitment-free!

Customer service at your disposal

Please feel free to consult our FAQ section and our dedicated demo videos. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact our support team.

Discover the features of Onoff Business in detail

Our solution allows to instantly provide mobile numbers to your employees, through a simple application. The administration interface makes it possible to manage your phone fleet in an easy and immediate way.