A phone service for automotive professionals

If you work in the automotive industry and you are looking for a digital telephony solution to save money, Onoff Business is for you!

Adapting to the automotive industry's requirements

The more employees you have in your company, the more management time is needed for many administrative matters. Corporate telephony should support the operation of a company, not penalise it. For this reason, the Onoff Business solution is perfectly adapted to professionals working in the automotive industry whose objective is to reduce the time spent on managing their corporate telephony and to optimise the related costs. The employee’s professional communications are also greatly simplified on a daily basis.

Are you starting off? Onoff Business will help you!

Are you entering the automotive market? Then get in touch with Onoff Business and take your business to the next level. Assign numbers to your employees easily. Assign, reassign, receive a single invoice for all your team members. They just have to download the application to start making calls.

An innovative offer designed for your current and future needs

Our 100% digital solution is designed to challenge the outdated business phone system, so that your employees can manage their communications in all situations, especially when working from home.

No more pit stops! Everything is simple.

With Onoff Business everything becomes easier. Management is now done on our online platform, which is easy to use and is very flexible, especially when you’re dealing with internal changes. Our label system allows you to organise yourself so that you have a clear overview of all teams per department. No matter how many new employees you have in the pipeline, Onoff Business will support you all the way.

An arrival, a departure on the hoof? No problem at all

If an employee is leaving, you can reassign the number to another employee in a click! Your company owns the numbers and the associated data. A good way for you to always remain the only focal point for your customers.

Our business mobile numbers are also available in Microsoft Teams

Your employees do not need to use a second phone to make calls. Onoff Business makes it possible to call directly from Teams, allowing you to transfer existing phone numbers to this platform. Your employees can manage all their communications directly from one phone.

Competitive pricing

At only € 9 excl. tax per month per number, the Onoff Business solution is the most competitive on the market. There are no additional registration fees or hidden costs. And it’s commitment-free!

Separate private and professional life

Our solution allows your employees to have a business number in their mobile phone through a simple application. This way, they can keep their business and personal communications apart. When they’re not working, your employees can switch off their phone and relax in a split second, by turning the application “off”.

A breakdown, a problem? We are here for you!

Please feel free to consult our FAQ section and our dedicated demo videos. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact our support team.

Discover the features of Onoff Business in detail

Our solution allows to instantly provide mobile numbers to your employees, through a simple application. The administration interface makes it possible to manage your phone fleet in an easy and immediate way.