A phone service adapted to your startup

Corporate telephony:

  • 100% dematerialised
  • Practical
  • Economical

The perfect way to get your business up to speed and at the best cost.

Onoff alongside entrepreneurs

Corporate telephony should support the evolution and growth of a startup, not penalise it. It’s time to move to a modern, up to date corporate telephony that understands the challenges of entrepreneurship. Our offer is designed to save as much time and money as possible and to be flexible in the day-to-day management of your business telephony. With our mobile application, your employees can manage their business communications on their preferred mobile phone every day, making it easier for them to communicate.

You start,
Onoff supports you

A startup company must give itself the chance to succeed! That’s why Onoff Business allows you to very quickly, set up a truly revolutionary business phone system. Day-to-day management takes only a few clicks! 

And most importantly – your employees are happy and  productive as their business communications are simplified. A perfect solution for entrepreneurs!

Scalability of our services

Today you are 5, but tomorrow 10 and in a few months, maybe 50? No problem, the Onoff Business administration interface adapts to the growth of your startup and allows you to add new collaborators and or assign new numbers in just a few clicks! These new numbers become active instantly. We help you move forward real fast.

With us, everything happens in one application

We want to live up to your innovative company! Manage all your business communications from the Onoff Business application. Our patented Cloud Numbers technology allows you to have one or more business numbers available via an application. So you can make all your calls and send SMS, voice messages and MMS. All your contacts are synchronized and organised according to your preferences. Scheduling SMS messages to be sent in the future is also possible… to name just a few of the very useful features we supply for your innovative business ;). The application is accessible from your mobile, tablet and desktop to simplify all your communications within your startup.

Simple and transparent pricing

With Onoff Business, there are no registration fees, no hidden costs. For a French number, the price is EUR 9 excl. tax per month. For your international growth, we also offer international numbers and packages covering several countries. And our offer is completely flexible: there is no commitment. Perfect in case you are only starting your business as well as when you’ve already raised a more important funding.

Customer service at your disposal

Our customer support is available at all times to help you if you have any questions.

Revolutionary telephony

Choose an innovative telephony solution that supports the growth of your business