Pipedrive & Onoff Integration: Boost Your Productivity

Today, more and more companies are choosing a CRM in order to manage their data and customer relationships in a more efficient way.

And as they go through this digital transformation process, sales teams and customer service agents will need, at any moment, to get in touch with customers and prospects via phone conversations. 

Therefore, integrating a CRM with a phone system is extremely useful for both teams.

But concretely, what is a CRM and why should you integrate it into your call center software?

Discover everything you need to know in this article as well as the CRM integration solution developed by Onoff to improve your customer relationships and your teams’ productivity.

Onoff-Pipedrive integration: Improve your productivity by integrating Onoff into Pipedrive

The Onoff-Pipedrive integration allows you to centralize all your company’s phone operations in a single work environment to increase your sales and customer service teams productivity, and thus remove certain repetitive or time-consuming tasks.

Concretely, this is how the Onoff-Pipedrive integration may be beneficial for your company:

Take advantage of the customer card feedback to provide a personalized business phone greeting

Whenever one of your agents receives an incoming call from a prospect or a customer, his or her information coming from the CRM is automatically displayed on Pipedrive’s interface. Then, the agent will be able to quickly find out more about the customer and provide a more personalized greeting by calling him/her by his/her own name or by mentioning the name of his/her company. 

Call in 1 click (click-to-call) from your Pipedrive interface

Do you ever get tired of dialing a customer’s number before calling him? Thanks to the Onoff-Pipedrive integration, you can now save time and make calls with just one click or click-to-call.

Find your business calls history for a better monitoring

The Onoff-Pipedrive integration also automatically allows you to record any phone calls, SMS and messages left in the voice mailbox directly in the contact’s file, right from the CRM. You can then go back to any contact or transaction/deal and find everything that was previously discussed with a customer. 

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As a reminder, what is a CRM?

For a clear understanding of the CRM integration concept, we should start by looking at the CRM itself.

A CRM, also known as “Customer Relationship Management”, is, first and foremost, a practice involving the use of combined strategies and technologies in order to manage customer interactions in a more efficient way.

For this purpose, the CRM will mainly be focused on collecting and analyzing data related to all of the interactions with your customers, from the very first one, to the after-sales service.

When we talk about a CRM software, we’re talking about a computer program designed to centralize this collected data in a single workspace for easier access, but also for a better analysis.

Source : https://www.lyntonweb.com/blog/bid/57789/crm-integration-what-can-it-do-for-me 

A CRM software is therefore used to handle customer data such as customer profile details, company sales data and many others, in a faster and easier way.

Basically, a CRM software allows you to automatically collect, store and organize customer data from a single workspace.

How does the Pipedrive & Onoff integration work?

As convenient as a CRM system may be, it only reaches its full potential when it is combined with other applications or software: this is called CRM integration.

More concretely, it’s about integrating your company’s customer data with other third-party systems, in a transparent way, to improve the CRM’s functioning.

Depending on the company’s profile, the method used for CRM integration may differ from one company to another. But in most cases, CRM integrations require the use of APIs (application programming interfaces). Nowadays, you can find cloud-based iPaaS solutions to automate and speed up the CRM integration process.

Why should you integrate your CRM software into your business phone system - Pipedrive & Onoff?

Integrating a CRM solution with a call center has many benefits, including providing both sales and customer service teams with real-time access to the customer’s information and call history.

With such instant access to information, agents can efficiently respond to speakers’ requests for a better customer relationship.

But in more detail, here are the main reasons why your company should integrate a CRM solution to its telephony:

1. Improve your sales team’s productivity

The first advantage of linking a professional telephony solution to a CRM software is to improve your agents efficiency and productivity, especially sales representatives.

Actually, thanks to the CRM integration, it will no longer be necessary, for example, to dial the number of a customer already registered in the CRM.

It will only take one click (click-to-call) to call him. This is an important time-saver, especially if there is a large list of customers to contact, such as during an outbound call campaign.

Moreover, the CRM integration allows you to access the telephony features directly from the CRM software interface.

Your agents will be able to consult the customer’s call history on the phone, take notes related to the call, consult the customer’s file and do many other things without even leaving their interface.

2. Ensure that your customer service department is well-equipped 

CRM integration also has considerable benefits for customer care teams.

With this integration, when an agent receives an incoming call from a prospect or a customer, he or she can consult his or her file before even picking up the call.

He/she will then be able to provide a more personalized customer greeting, either by calling him/her directly by his/her name or by mentioning the name of his/her company.

Source : VoIP

The agent will also be able to read the report of the customer’s previous interactions with the customer service department to determine if there has been an ongoing request since the last call, without necessarily asking the customer to repeat himself.

The customer will then feel welcome with a real sense of satisfaction and positive feedback, regarding your service quality.

 3. Automatically record a copy and history of customer service calls

The CRM integration also allows you to generate and automatically import your call center’s call log (date, time, duration) to complete the CRM contact record.

Moreover, you can automatically record calls as well as other types of information such as exchanged SMS, notes left in the voice mailbox, the identity of the employee who made the call, etc.

Source :  Chronodat

As illustrated, CRM integration improves the follow-up of your company’s clients or prospects by preventing your teams from forgetting or making mistakes on a current file.

Moreover, it will not involve a systematic recording of all the information, including the least relevant. The recording functionality adapts to your needs and you can determine the kind of information you consider to be useful and that you’d like to include in the contact files of your CRM system.

CRM solutions such as Pipedrive provide several applications by default for immediate integration, including the Onoff telephony app.

So with Pipedrive, you can find all the usual features of your Onoff app directly on the CRM interface such as:

  • Making calls;
  • Consulting the call log;
  • Accessing to SMS messaging;
  • Setting up your Onoff account;
  • and so on.

This will save precious time for your sales team or call center agents. They will be able to allocate this free time to other important tasks related to your business.

4. Facilitate training and get a global view of your teams’ performance

Call recordings made thanks to the integration can be used as a resource for your agents to follow up on the different customers they are in charge of.

In case of staff turnovers or shared file management, other agents can also easily retrieve past conversations and/or past actions completed by the original agent. This will allow your agents to move on with their missions, for a better file’s follow-up

In addition, the call recording file, stored inside the CRM, can also serve as a resource for the team leader to evaluate the individual performance of each employee.

Source : Cloudtalk

Actually, thanks to this file, he will be able to consult important details related to each agent’s tasks, such as the duration of calls, the number of calls not picked up, the number of missed calls, etc.

Depending on the results, the team leader can readjust his strategy and help the agents to perform in the best possible way.

Recorded calls can also be replayed to serve as training material for other employees, especially newcomers who may not have enough experience.

5. 6 Tips for a successful Pipedrive & Onoff integration

While it has some interesting pros, integrating a CRM software with your business phone system isn’t always a simple matter, especially if it’s your first experience.

Now, for those of you who really want to take advantage of CRM integration, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Define the services concerned by the CRM

The first thing to do before beginning any CRM integration is to make sure that any new CRM being integrated is well aligned with the company’s current strategy.

Therefore, right from the start, it is important to define the various departments that actually need the CRM.

Usually, when a CRM is associated with a corporate telephony solution, the most frequently concerned departments are the sales and customer service representatives.

Source :  Lucy Walker Recruitment  

Moreover, you need to ensure that the various departments involved are truly committed to CRM as a long-term business solution and not just another tool. 

Ease the transition

Integrating a CRM into your work environment is also a way to break your old habits. And as with any change, it’s important to make sure that this process runs smoothly, to ensure that your employees are not disorientated.

To achieve this goal, it will be useful to work on building each team’s understanding and appreciation towards CRM integration.

  1. Successfully integrate CRM with existing data

CRM should not be considered as an additional tool in your company’s IT infrastructure.

More than a simple software, a CRM is rather like the mainstay that will link not only the information of your call center software, but also the information collected on the different software of your working environment. For this reason, you must carefully integrate CRM with your existing data.

   2. Gather future users’ opinions

If you want to take advantage of CRM integration, then you should also consider the future users’ opinion rather than providing them with a “ready-to-use” solution.

This will allow you to decide together the type of data that should be integrated into the CRM and thus analyze the best way to adapt it to the real needs of your company.

Once the CRM has been integrated, it may also be necessary to periodically ask the users for their opinion, in order to eventually add new modules.

  3. Set up a steering committee

Integrating a CRM must be considered as a real project with a dedicated steering committee including:

  • A member representing the company’s management;
  • A project manager;
  • And a member of staff, representing the future CRM users.

When you talk about projects, you also talk about objectives and material resources. To achieve a successful CRM integration, you must allocate a budget and clearly define your goals for this project.

  4. Set up a better CRM follow-up and continuity

Instead of letting your staff be trained on the job, you should provide them with high-quality training to improve CRM adoption and to increase their productivity.

It will also be an opportunity for them to discuss any difficulties they might be experiencing when using the CRM, and to be assisted by the trainer.

Once the tool is mastered, their feedback will be used as indicators to adjust the CRM for a better user experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM software designed to simplify sales management and increase companies’ sales rate, especially those operating in B2B.

What is Onoff?

Onoff belongs to Onoff Telecom. Onoff Telecom is a telecommunications operator licensed in 21 countries and providing numbers from 24 different countries.

Why should I opt for Off-Pipedrive integration?

Integrating Onoff’s telephony solution with Pipedrive CRM has several advantages for companies, among others :

  • Contributing to increase the sales and customer service agents’ productivity;
  • Automating certain repetitive or time-consuming tasks;
  • And increasing the sales rate.
What is a CRM?

A CRM is a software designed to centralize a company’s customer data in a single space in order to simplify its access but also to improve its analysis.

What is the purpose of integrating a business phone system into a CRM?

The integration of a CRM solution into a call center has several advantages, including allowing sales and customer service teams to access information and call history in real time.

Thanks to this instant access to information, the agents will be able to efficiently answer the callers’ requests for a better customer relationship.


Using a CRM to run your sales operations can make your employees’ jobs easier. But combining it with a business phone system allows you to exploit CRM’s full potential for even greater productivity of your sales and call center teams.

If you are ready to deploy your business phone system to a CRM, please send us an email at [email protected]and we will provide you with the best possible assistance for a successful integration process.

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