Welcome to Onoff Telecom

So, who is behind the Onoff Telecom applications? What is it like to be part of this startup created by Taïg Khris? Meet our team, driven by a passion for innovation, a mix of diverse and international profiles, led by our atypical founder.

Our mission: revolution!

Reinventing the telecom industry! This is what we’re all about. How do we do it? By combining innovative mobile application and cloud technologies in order to provide a more flexible, more economical and more environmentally friendly cloud based phone service.

When Onoff Telecom launched in 2014, one had to sign up for a second subscription or a second phone to have another 06. Onoff app is a game changer! One simply needs to install the Onoff app to get multiple mobile numbers. 

This is useful for having a dedicated number for business, a number to manage online sales, a number for dating… or a foreign number for international communication at a local call rate. Finally, there is a simple application that boosts our smartphone’s functionality – and thus helps us avoid owning and using several smartphones…

Onoff Telecom has become an innovation-oriented telecom operator, licensed in 21 countries and providing numbers from 24 different countries. Our teams have also developed a B2B solution, Onoff Business, making it easy to manage, assign and reassign numbers to your team members, all the while receiving a single invoice for the mobile phone fleet.

Over two billion messages have been exchanged so far thanks to Onoff’s patented technologies. And the company has raised more than 20 M€. There are more than 80 people on board, with two offices, one in Tallinn and the other in Paris. And they keep growing!

Our mantra : innovation

When Taïg Khris created Onoff, he was determined to change the telecom industry. He didn’t understand why, in such a sophisticated sector, everything was still stuck on a simple SIM card. He then came up with the idea of storing mobile numbers in the cloud and imagined “cloud numbers”. While Taïg built his career as an extreme sports athlete, he is also a talented self-taught man and a hard worker. He became an expert in telecommunications and started looking for the best developers to bring his innovation to life.

This led him to Tallinn. Actually, Estonia has established itself as one of the most dynamic startups’ birthplaces in Europe. The small country has successfully taken advantage of its digitally highly advanced administration in order to spread a digital culture to its entire population, and to bring out a generation of particularly advanced developers, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Skype, Playtech, Bolt, Wise (ex-Transferwise) and Pipedrive are just some of the unicorn companies that have emerged on its lands. Onoff is one of those rising gems growing in the European silicon valley, mostly relying on its CTO’s high skills, specialized in complex backend systems and customer-oriented applications.

Trained experts with backgrounds in telecom and digital solutions such as Thierry Michel (Bimedia, Euronet) and Benoît de Longeaux (Transatel) joined Taïg Khris’ team. They keep on innovating with the Research and Development teams so as to develop the next Onoff features.

In 2020 and 2021, these innovations have led to prestigious partnerships with well-known industry players. One such partnership involves Bouygues Telecom, providing its customers with a second number thanks to Onoff. Or even Microsoft Teams, whose videoconferencing service now includes business mobile numbers through Onoff Business integration.

Our credo : diversity

We are proud to work with more than 15 different nationalities! This must be pointed out: Taïg Khris strongly supports diversity in the Tech industry. He is also the French Tech Tremplin program ambassador, helping underrepresented talents overcoming the socio-economic barriers related to entrepreneurship and building a career in the tech industry by founding their startup. As a matter of fact, Taïg Khris himself experienced an atypical career path.

As a self-taught man, he became a serial entrepreneur on his own and never went to school! As a hard worker, he started his career as a sportsman and became one of the most successful extreme sports champions. In fact, he smashed two world records while rollerblading from the Eiffel Tower and then from the Sacré-Coeur. He has been creating companies all his life, but started in 2014 as a tech entrepreneur. He created Onoff Telecom in 2014 and then, in 2021, Albums, a European social network dedicated to photography and video.

Taïg is driven by the desire to make his dreams come true. He wants to encourage entrepreneurs to think big and be ambitious. For this reason, we are determined to invest in our international development and that is why our offices are located in Paris and Tallinn.

In Estonia, our offices are located in the Rotermann district, in the heart of Tallinn’s old town. Since its renovation, this trendy district mixes modern and historical buildings. Its industrial heritage made up of factories and windmills needed to be given a second life and this is exactly what the young Estonian architects from the Academy of Arts were asked to do. The successful cohabitation of these old buildings with ultra-modern ones has become one of the most commercial and lively city neighborhoods. 

In France, our offices are located in Boulogne-Billancourt, a dynamic and fast changing area, mixing eco-districts and design buildings from the 30s. In the most digital and communicating municipality among Hauts de Seine department, reachable from line 9 and the streetcar, you’ ll find us close to the Seine Musicale concerts and, during summer, to the Cinéclub Paradisio open-air cinema.

Our desire: having a positive impact

We are deeply concerned about our environment and its preservation. Our digital devices have a negative impact on our planet, not only because of their production and the raw materials used during manufacturing, but also because of the waste they are responsible for.

Our goal is to encourage energy sobriety by limiting the number of smartphones we need. For instance, rather than burdening employees with a second cell phone, our customers are automating their company phone system and providing their employees with a business cell phone number that can be used via a personal smartphone using the Onoff Business application. This first step to limit our digital footprint has been strengthened.

And that’s how we did it. Thanks to our partnership with another French tech business start-up, Recommerce, specialized in phone refurbishing. We are helping companies to get rid of their business cell phones… by replacing their team members’ business smartphones with a cloud-based cell phone number to limit their environmental impact! Today, Onoff Business is providing 07 accessible from a simple second number application for professionals, and Recommerce, the refurbished phone expert, is buying back the old mobile fleets.

Thanks to both services, we are helping companies to adopt a more eco-friendly approach towards digital sobriety. This is why we encourage simpler and more eco-friendly cloud-based telephony.

Onoff is an exciting scale-up company to join, as we aim to expand internationally. And that’s a good thing: we’re recruiting!

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