"With Onoff and its cloud solution, it takes 20s to assign a pro number to an employee"

Switching to a cloud-based business number is one of the solutions designed to facilitate teleworking. In any case, it is one of those adopted by Pixalione, a marketing agency. Amaury Demongeot, the agency’s CEO, talks about how he uses Onoff.

How the Pixalione agency uses Onoff's cloud-based business numbers

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

My name is Amaury Demongeot, I am the Managing Partner of Pixalione, an agency specialized in SEO, SEA and Data Analytics. Our main distinctive feature is that we are both an agency and a software publisher. Our consultants, each one of them being experts in his/her field (SEO, SEA or Data Analytics), are working with our clients to meet their needs and reach their goals. Our software suite benefits from our research laboratory staffed with research engineers and doctors of science. This tool, with no equivalent on the market, is based on sixty or so algorithms (all patented). It allows us to obtain very rational (scientific) and concrete recommendations to boost the qualified traffic of an Internet website. The gains are significant, between +25 and +300% per year. Among our clients, many are CAC 40 companies, e-commerce websites and small and medium-sized businesses. We have been around for 13 years and we are now based in Paris, Lyon, London, Madrid and Bangkok. As far as we know, we own the largest private research laboratory dedicated to search marketing in France. Since the beginning, we have also collaborated with research laboratories such as École Centrale Paris, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique de Valencia, ENPC, with whom we work on natural language processing, auction and game theory, and operational research (a research field involving Artificial Intelligence and other methods to seek the best solution to a problem). 

Why did you initially look for a solution like Onoff?

Teleworking is what forced us to find new tools to work remotely. During December 2019 strikes, we had already adopted Zoom for video conferencing, which is great but clients couldn’t call us when they wanted to. We have 70+ people spread across our different offices: integrating Zoom allows us to do our team meetings. But we also needed a solution for those times when our clients wanted to reach a consultant quickly.

With the lockdown, no one was in the office and even though the landlines were redirected to our cell phones, when a consultant called a client back, he had to do it with his personal number. But some people didn’t want to share it. So we looked for a solution with professional numbers on smartphones.

Why did you choose Onoff’s cloud-based professional numbers?

With Onoff, it takes 20 seconds to assign a business number to an employee. Whereas with a traditional network provider, you need to request a new line and wait for the SIM card. With Onoff and its cloud solution, we save time, it is easy to set up and there is no time commitment. There are not too many administrative steps and now about thirty employees use their Onoff professional number.

What are the benefits you get from Onoff’s cloud-based professional numbers?

The consultants turn on the application during working hours: they are not disturbed by customers when they are not working. On their side, customers can easily reach us. Thanks to the professional mobile number, employees can be reached even if they are on the road for an appointment or working from home. No need to think about redirecting the landline to the right mobile. And there’s less administration to deal with. When the work day is over, we can switch the number off and simply use our personal number. Being able to cut out work, especially when you do it from home, is important.

Have you recommended Onoff to other people?

Yes, because Onoff has been successfully adopted internally. And when you see what a drag it is to manage computer fleets, it’s just as complex for cell phones. With Onoff, all you need is an email address to assign a professional number and, on the employee side, you just have to download the application. With Onoff, from the online interface, you know which number is active and which is not.

We even talked about it during a conference organized by EBG, the digital innovation club, and I noticed that some major groups were interested in this system. After lockdown, we decided to stick with Onoff because we don’t yet know what tomorrow will look like. And Onoff is a mobile solution, the cost is not very high and does not require any administrative steps.

Do you think that both the crisis and the lockdown will change your working practices?

We have managed to work differently but, as a digital agency, we are lucky, we can easily switch to teleworking. However, we are working on a 3-day on-site rotation and 2 days of teleworking. But even with tools like Zoom and Onoff, it’s important to meet up face to face in order to build team cohesion and work on big projects. Otherwise, with the lockdown and then the vacations, some employees would have gone 5 months without seeing each other. If you don’t have any type of social interactions, things can go wrong. My employees should think about calling each other more often with Onoff.

At Onoff, we want to help companies to work remotely.

We developed a professional number for business owners based on the following criteria:

  • Allocate and assign numbers in a few clicks
  • Reduce telecom bills, and no longer manage the purchase of terminals
  • Save time, eliminate administrative procedures
  • Protect your data and keep the ownership of your numbers, contacts and communications


We developed a professional number for team members based on the following criteria:

  • One phone, no need to use and manage two devices
  • Choose or keep your favorite phone, regardless of your company
  • Manage your personal business communications from the same phone
  • Use your business phone number on any device, including your computer, and enjoy an intuitive application

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