Reassign mobile phone numbers

Somebody leaving the company? Reassign a number to another employee in a few clicks.

How to reassign a number to another employee?

• Click on the profile of the employee from whom you want to recover the number

• Click on the three dots to the right of the number and then on “Reassign number to…”

• Fill in the name of the employee to whom you want to reassign the number and select him/her

• Check the corresponding data in the “Information” column

• Click on the “Reassign number” button

More features

Transfer your current business numbers to Onoff Business in a few simple steps. 

Organise your workspace according to the structure of your company using labels and colours. 

Choose international plans for your employees so that they can easily communicate with the whole world.

Discover how to port a number!

With Onoff Business, you can use the current business phone numbers of your employees.
It’s super simple!