Teleworking and corporate telephony

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the working world upside down, forcing many people to work from home.
Today, teleworking has become almost a norm to be adapted by companies. This is clearly not without consequences, especially when it comes to the use of corporate telephony.
In this article, you will find out about the challenges this change brings along and the innovative solution that Onoff Business proposes for your company’s telephony.

Teleworking: a growing trend

Working from home is not new, but it has grown exponentially with the coronavirus. While it may have started out as an uncomfortable situation, some have discovered its many benefits to both businesses and workers.
Indeed, while companies experienced a reduction in overheads and an increase in productivity, workers were able to enjoy flexibility and a comfortable, stress-free environment.
Studies have shown, for example, that 82% of workers report a reduction in stress by switching to teleworking. Meanwhile, 70% reported the fact they improved productivity and 80% improved their general mood. This shows how much this way of working promotes the well-being of workers.

What’s the biggest benefit
you see to working remotely ?

32% Ability to have a flexible schedule

26% Flexibility to work from anywhere

21% Not having to commute

11% Ability to spend time with family

7% Ability to work from home

3% Other

State of Remote Repport 2020

Other aspects should not be forgotten either, such as the transportation cost to the company’s office, which is becoming hardly non-existent. Same goes for the dress code and catering, which will inevitably be scaled down.
So what do companies gain? Studies have shown that teleworkers are 20% more productive on creative projects and another 20% are willing to work more than 40 hours a week.
On top of this, employers save on energy costs, rental fees, etc. that are incurred when employees are present. This is why many employers are open to this style of work or a combination of them.

What is your workplace’s stance
on remote work ?

43% Part of the team is full-time remote and part of the team works out of the same office

30% Everyone at my company works remotely

15% At my company we can work from home as needed

9% At my company we can work remotely a certain number of the days per week/month

3% I am a solo business or freelancer and work remotely

State of Remote Repport 2020

This is definitely a system providing attractive conditions for both employees and employers. That being said, it also has its own challenges, particularly in terms of managing company telephony.

Teleworking: the telephony challenge for businesses

For the first time, employees of large, medium and small companies are working from home. As you may have expected, they do not have a landline or IP phone connected to their company system.
We can simply say that many employees no longer have these types of phones at home because of the mobile, offering such flexibility. This is why communication is still the main problem when you work from home:

What is your biggest struggle
with working remotely?

20% Collaboration and communication

20% Loneliness

18% Not being able to unplug

12% Distractions at home

10% Being in a different timezone than teammates

7% Staying motivated

5% Taking vacation time

3% Finding reliable wifi

5% Other

State of Remote Repport 2020

Using your employees’ phones is an option. But is this a relevant and advantageous solution?
If your company has a fixed telephone system, employees may have to use their phones to keep in touch or make calls with customers, suppliers or colleagues. But this solution has several disadvantages for your company and here are some of them:

  • Employees simply don’t want to use their phones for work and you shouldn’t expect the best quality of service;
  • The employee works part-time or temporarily and some of your customers only know their number;
  • Your suppliers and customers keep on using the employee’s number even after he or she is no longer involved in your business;
  • Customers are confused because of the number changes;
  • Etc…

Under these circumstances, it seems very important that companies find better solutions for their telephony management. Fortunately, there are companies like ours that offer fully digital and paperless business telephony solutions.

Why should you choose cloud telephony solutions?

Many companies have made teleworking a norm, either on a time-sharing or full-time basis. Therefore, and in order to keep employees productive and motivated with teleworking, managers have developed systems and tools to manage this change in the best possible way.
Innovative business telephony solutions for successful remote communication also form an important part of these tools. These are usually software-based systems or digital applications to be installed on computers or phones.

Remote Working with VolP

Remote Mobile Users
Home Workers
Office Based Users



Cloud Phone System



PSTN Network



Callers Phone

This means that you don’t have to go to a telecom company to have lines installed or to buy physical equipment. Everything is done online and you can deploy your entire phone network in a few minutes.
Here are some of the advantages of these online solutions:

  • Your business can be managed from anywhere:

Your telephony fleet is available at any time and from anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether your employees are working at home or at the office, your phone number will stay the same and remain active.

  • You‚Äôre saving money:

It has been proven that having an internet-based telephony system allows you to save up to 30% in monthly costs and 75% in operating costs. That makes sense, as there is no hardware installation or equipment to maintain.

  • Having a transparent system:

It’s important to track the performance of your remote workers calls and communications. With a cloud telephony solution, you have logs and statistics allowing you to track whether tasks are being completed and their impact.

  • Improve internal communications:

Your employees will be able to communicate easily with their colleagues, helping to streamline customer service functions on a global basis.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, and we will add many more benefits of our teleworking business telephony solution.

How does Onoff Business simplify teleworking for your employees?

The Onoff Business telephony solution makes teleworking productive and enjoyable for employees by simplifying the management of their business calls. Employees manage their business communications independently, as the solution is activated via an application on their mobile phone.
The company’s mobile fleet manager manages all lines and operations on a 100% digital administration interface. Distance or physical location is no longer a concern, your company remains productive and business communications efficient.


With the Onoff Business solution, your business communications and the management of the mobile phone fleet itself become simple. The business number can be found on the employee’s preferred mobile phone via the Onoff Business application.
They only have to download the application and can start making calls immediately. They do not need to use their personal number to make business calls or to use a second mobile phone or SIM card to use the business line.
This makes business communications easier to handle when working from home. Everything related to the management of the company’s mobile fleet, such as number allocation and billing, is done in a few clicks on the cloud-based management platform. Remote access to fleet management is no longer a limiting factor for business operations.


Depending on the user’s needs, Onoff Business calls can be made via GSM or VoIP. The latest innovation is the licensed Onoff Calls technology solution allowing calls via GSM network with no need for an internet connection.
Our goal is to offer a flexible solution to our customers’ needs, both in terms of fleet management and users’ functionalities.
When an employee is going on holiday or decides to quit, for example, the line can be reassigned to another employee in a few clicks directly on the management platform.
Moreover, in order to fluidize communications, employees can program their SMS to be sent at a later date, which is only one example of the functionalities offered by the solution.

Saving money

With Onoff Business, there is no need to buy a second (business) phone for your employees. Thanks to this solution, companies save a lot of money on their company telephony and do something for the planet.
The price for a French number is ‚ā¨9 per month excluding VAT.


Employees are more productive, because they don’t have to switch between two phones and remember to have the business phone beside them.
In addition, the Onoff Business application for employees is multi-device – i.e. they can access it from their mobile, tablet or computer to communicate.
The fleet manager can easily and quickly manage internal changes and employee growth, as the allocation and reallocation of business lines is done in just a few clicks.
Remote communications either internally or externally work very well and allow your business to operate and grow successfully.

Keeping work and personal life apart

Thanks to our application, business and personal communications can be kept apart. The business number can be found on the personal mobile app. This way, employees keep their personal number for personal communications and their business number for business communications.
It is very easy to put business calls and SMS in “do not disturb” mode whenever you want. Just use the Onoff toggle!

Working from home is a trend that is becoming more and more established, mainly because of the current health situation, but also because of its many advantages for employers and employees.
However, even with all its possibilities, this working situation has its own challenges, especially when it comes to company telephony. Now you know how to get around these challenges with the increasingly innovative and paperless solutions we offer.
If you are stuck, do not hesitate to contact our service to be guided. It will be a pleasure to help you set up your 100% digital mobile fleet.

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