Mobile application

You no longer need an additional SIM card or two phones to keep your personal and business communications apart. Discover the Onoff Business mobile app!

Make your professional calls directly from the Onoff Business mobile application to any number. 

Send your professional SMS directly from the Onoff Business mobile application to any number.

Onoff Business allows you to prepare your SMS and schedule their sending for a later time.

Send and receive photos and videos.

*Your recipient will receive a link to the content. You will receive photos or videos directly on your mobile phone.

Easily send and receive voice messages when your hands are tied or you don’t feel like typing a long message.

Activate or deactivate incoming calls and/or SMS whenever you want, using our “Onoff” toggle. 

Record a personalised answering machine or select pre-recorded announcements.

Synchronize all your professional contacts in the mobile application with the contacts in your phone. 

Access your Onoff Business professional number from any smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Several numbers? Organise them into categories using specific naming and colours.

Forward your calls to another number if you are not able to answer.

You can now set up the hours of activity of your numbers, so you will not receive calls or messages outside the defined hours.

Enjoy the best possible call quality with ‘Onoff Calls’! Quick and easy to activate.

You no longer need to use your SIM card for outgoing calls. Now you can make calls via an internet connection.

Send SMS to up to 20 different recipients at once. The contacts you selected will receive the SMS separately.

Call and dial and send SMS from any website.

You can also use the Onoff Business web application!

Make calls directly from the comfort or your desktop. Discover the associated features.