What is a virtual mobile phone number?

Find out what a virtual phone number is and discover what it is used for.


A virtual mobile phone number is a telephone number that is not attached to any physical SIM card.
Access your emails from any device, it’s already possible! In the same way, Onoff Business allows you to access your virtual number from all your devices:

  • Another mobile;
  • A tablet;
  • Or a computer!

How to get a virtual mobile phone number in 3 steps?

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Why are virtual mobile numbers good for your business?

Revolutionize your business telephony with Onoff Business virtual numbers:

A quickly deployed customer support

With Onoff Business, you can be quickly available for your customers. Our 100% digital solution allows your employees to be reachable at all times, whether they are teleworking, travelling or in the office. Your employees can also have a shared number. This way, the call will be received on several phones at the same time so that you do not lose a call from one of your customers. This ensures an efficient service and improves customer satisfaction.

Improving the prospecting process

No more need for a business phone and no more switching between two phones.
Your sales team can benefit from a single number via the Onoff Business application and manage all their business communications in a few clicks.

Marketing follow-up of your campaigns

Virtual numbers can be effective in measuring the impact of your marketing campaigns. Indeed, they allow you to have precise data on a multitude of specific fields related to a marketing campaign such as:

  • The number of calls received;
  • Location of calls;
  • Duration of calls;
  • And much more…

Virtual numbers give you information not found on traditional marketing tools.

Who can use virtual numbers?

Virtual phone numbers can be used by anyone:

  • companies and associations;
  • the self-employed and entrepreneurs;
  • individuals.

Companies and associations

The use of virtual numbers facilitates the daily management of your telephone fleet as well as the life of your employees, and guides the growth of your company!
Indeed, the management of your telephone fleet is simplified because the actions made are instantaneous, for example, you will be able to associate a new telephone line to one of your employees in a few clicks. Flexibility and simplicity can be found in one innovative solution: Onoff Business.

The self-employed and entrepreneurs

Using a virtual mobile phone number allows you to keep your personal number in your private circle and to have a second number for your business.
This is therefore very useful for entrepreneurs and self-employed people who do not wish to divulge their personal numbers during the course of their business.
A virtual number will allow them to redirect calls to their personal phone while keeping their private number. You don’t need a second phone or a second SIM card. Your business and personal communications can be managed on one phone, but they remain clearly differentiated.


Protecting your privacy is important. A virtual phone number allows you to protect your personal data and your personal number.
This is very useful if you want to meet people or post ads online to sell items. A virtual mobile number helps you to save money –¬† in case you get a virtual number for another country, you will be able to communicate at the local rate.

Is a virtual number free of charge?

Getting a virtual number is not free, but it is still cheaper than a traditional number.
Moreover, a virtual number can be activated via an internet connection, without any specific costs. You can make and receive calls using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

It is interesting for companies and freelancers to have this type of number, because it allows you to deliver a local number, while being at the other end of the world. And all this without any additional cost because you use the local rate plans.
Some operators, including Onoff, offer to use a virtual mobile phone number, working via the GSM network. This allows you to have a better call quality. Indeed, VoIP calls depend on the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. Generally, virtual mobile offers in European countries include unlimited calls within the European Union at no additional cost. Please note that if you are outside the EU, additional telecommunications costs might be applied.
Virtual numbers are generally available through offers including a number and various features, which are more advantageous than a classic number:

  • Presence of VoIP technology;
  • Visual voicemail;
  • ‚ÄúDo not disturb” function (exclusive to Onoff);
  • Etc…

What technologies are used for virtual numbers?

Several technologies are used for virtual numbers:

Mobile phone networks

A mobile phone network is usually designed as a “cellular network” covering a geographical area. This is achieved by installing base stations in the defined area.

Cloud Numbers

A cloud number is a mobile phone number that is not linked to a physical SIM card, and that works through the cloud. This is Onoff Telecom’s licensed technology.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology allowing voice calls, using an internet connection instead of an ordinary telephone line.

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