Mobile numbers for your business

Simply get mobile numbers for your business, without the need for a second phone and a second SIM card.

What are the benefits of using mobile numbers for your business?

Using mobile numbers allows you to remain reachable when working from home or on the move, and is essential for keeping in touch with your customers and suppliers.

Increase the response rate

The cloud-based Onoff Business solution combines the reliability of traditional telecommunications with the flexibility of applications to meet your most demanding needs.
From now on, don’t miss any business calls and focus on your customers.

Send and receive SMS

With Onoff Business, your employees can send and receive SMS messages. They can also make phone calls directly from the application.

Make your work easier

Switching between your personal and business phone can be a real headache. With the Onoff Business application, you can manage your business communications directly from one phone, without the need for a second SIM card.
It is also possible to mute the application outside working hours. Text messages and phone calls will remain in the application until you return.

How do I get mobile numbers for my business?

Join an innovative telephony solution for your business in just 3 steps:

How much does a mobile number cost for a company?

With Onoff Business, there are no registration fees and no hidden costs. For a French number, it’s ‚ā¨9 excl. tax per month.
We also offer international numbers and packages covering several countries.
And another advantage – our offer is commitment-free!

Is portability possible?

Portability is possible with Onoff Business. Port your employees’ current numbers in a few clicks. A simple procedure to be carried out directly on the administration interface.
Moreover, Onoff Business does not charge you any fees for porting a number to your Business account. However, you must consider the contract’s conditions with your former operator, and the possible associated costs to your contract’s cancellation.

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