Send scheduled SMS

Onoff Business allows you to prepare your SMS and schedule their sending for a later time.

How to send scheduled SMS?

• Create a new message using the pen icon or choose a conversation you want to reply to

• Once you have written your message, press the stopwatch icon next to your message

• In the drop down menu choose a suggested time or customize with the date and time you
want to send the message

More features

Send and receive photos and videos.

*Your recipient will receive a link to the content. You will receive photos or videos directly on your mobile phone.

Easily send and receive voice messages when your hands are tied or you don’t feel like typing a long message.

Activate or deactivate incoming calls and/or SMS whenever you want, using our “Onoff” toggle. 

Discover how to make a call!

With Onoff Business, make your professional calls directly from the Onoff Business mobile application to any number.
It’s super simple!