Use a visual voicemail

Record a personalised answering machine or select pre-recorded announcements.

How to create a visual voicemail?

• Tap on the voicemail tab in the banner

• Then press the microphone icon

• Choose your language setting to use a pre-recorded message

• You can also customize your voicemail

• Listen easily the messages you received for each of your numbers

More features

Activate or deactivate incoming calls and/or SMS whenever you want, using our “Onoff” toggle. 

Easily send and receive voice messages when your hands are tied or you don’t feel like typing a long message.

Send your professional SMS directly from the Onoff Business mobile application to any number.

Discover how to turn your number “On” or “Off” !

With Onoff Business, activate or deactivate incoming calls and or SMS whenever you want. It’s super simple!