Administration features

Add your colleagues

Sign up and instantly start adding your colleagues to the interface.

Assign professional mobile numbers

Sign up and start assigning numbers to your employees in few clicks.

Organisation tools

Organise your interface according to the departments and roles of your enterprise, using labels and colours that allow you to quickly find your teams.


A departure of an employee? Reassign her number to another employee in a few clicks.

Port your number

Bring your actual professional mobile numbers to Onoff Business. Here’s how

International calling packages

Buy international packages for your employees and let them do business across borders.

Automatic Sync with Microsoft Teams

Assign mobile phone numbers to your colleagues that are using Teams. They can start calling directly from their desktop or mobile Teams application.

Sequenced numbers*

Choose sequenced numbers for your employees.
*Upcoming feature

VIP Numbers*

For your best employee, choose an outstanding phone number.
*Upcoming feature

User features

Make calls

Launch your business calls straight from the application.

Send SMS

Send your business SMS straight from the application.

Synchronise your contacts

Organise all your company’s contacts in the application in a few seconds.

Multi-device support

You can access the application from any Smartphone or tablet.

Organisation tools

In case of multiple phone numbers, organise them by category using specific naming and colours.

SMS programming

With Onoff Business, you can write your SMS and send it in the future. Just choose the date and time and it’s set up.

“Do not disturb”-mode

Activate or deactivate incoming calls or SMS when required, by using the “Onoff” toggle.

Visual voicemail

With Onoff Business, the visual voicemail is included in the application free of charge. Save a personalised message for your new numbers or choose pre- registered messages in the language of your choice.

Send voice messages

Send and receive voice messages, in case you cannot send an SMS or do not want to tap a long message.

Send photos and videos via MMS*

Send, receive and exchange photos and videos.
* Your recipient will receive a link to the content. You will receive photos or videos directly on your mobile phone.

Transform your business with Onoff Business!

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