Frequently asked questions

1 - About Onoff Business
What is Onoff ?

Onoff Business is part of Onoff Telecom. Onoff Telecom is a regulated telecommunications operator that provides phone services in the Cloud. Onoff combines the agility of mobile applications with the reliability of traditional telecom services.

What is Onoff Business?

Onoff Business is the service of Onoff dedicated to enterprises and organisations.

What is the difference between Onoff and Onoff Business?

Our Onoff solution is more suited for personal use. You can take a second number with the Onoff application in case you are a freelancer and want to separate your professional communication inside your device. 

Our Onoff Business solution allows companies and organisations to create professional accounts and manage their entire mobile phone fleet on an intuitive online platform. On this platform, the manager of the fleet can instantly add the employees and assign numbers and packages to them. He can apply numerous other features, for example reassign a mobile number in one click to another colleague in case of a vacation or an employee leaving.

Who can sign up with Onoff Business?

You need more than one professional mobile number for your company or organisation? Onoff Business is the perfect solution for you! You can sign up here!

What are the main advantages of using Onoff Business?

For companies and organisations, we simplify their entire mobile fleet management by taking away the bureaucracy and by substituting it by an intuitive online management platform. Employees will only need one device both for their professional and personal communication. Via the Onoff Business mobile application, they can use up to 5 additional numbers, assigned to them by the manager of the platform. These numbers work like a regular mobile number on a smartphone.

Where can I find more information on the Onoff Business features?

For detailed information on the features, please visit the Onoff Business Features page. The best way to discover the features is to sign up and test them out firsthand 🙂

What is the difference between Onoff Business and a traditional telecom service provider?

Our Cloud service allows incredible additional features, such as using your phone number on any device - phone, tablet or even laptop. Or sharing a number between several employees. To find out more, please visit our Features page.

Is Onoff a telecommunications operator?

Yes, Onoff is an officially licensed telecommunications operator in 21 countries.

What does Cloud Numbers mean?

Cloud Numbers is the technology invented and patented by Onoff. The Cloud Numbers are identical to mobile numbers given by traditional phone operators, except for the technological aspect -  Onoff has disconnected the physical SIM card from the mobile number to place the number into the cloud. That allows us to provide you with additional awesome features. Why don’t you come and discover them right away? Sign your company or organisation up here!

2 - Start with Onoff Business
How do I create an Onoff Business account?

Just sign up on the following page: 

It only takes an instant!

How do I set up the management platform?

You do not need to set up anything. After signing up, you directly have access to the management platform and you can immediately start adding users. Once the users have been added, you can assign mobile phone numbers to them. For the mobile numbers to become active you will need to have your Onoff Business account validated.

Why do I need to validate my account?

Onoff is a regulated telecommunications operator, and we comply with local regulations in the countries where we operate. This regulation requires us to collect and verify the identity of your company or organisation, and the identity of its legal representative. We promise that this is the only administrative pain point of our service 😉

What documents do I need to provide for the validation of the account?

You are required to provide the company registration document and the identity document of the legal representative of the company.

3 - The pricing
Are there any registration fees when signing up with Onoff Business?

None! Signing up with Onoff Business as well as access to the management platform is free of charge. The subscription to mobile numbers or to international packages is charged.

How much do I pay per month with Onoff Business?

Our prices are straightforward and transparent. You are in charge of each phone number that you have subscribed to. Please find more information on our Pricing page

Does the price include taxes? Do I need to add the VAT of my country to the amount presented on the invoice?

The price we show is without VAT. VAT might be added in some cases, for example if you are not a company.

How does payment work with Onoff Business?

The monthly payment date is set from the day your first number is activated. Currently, payments can only be made with credit cards, but we will soon add more payment methods.

What kind of plans does Onoff Business offer?

With Onoff Business, you can subscribe to phone numbers from several countries. Currently, we propose numbers for Belgium, Canada, France, Israel, Poland, Sweden, UK and US. Please see the Pricing page to get detailed information on all of our plans. 

What does the French plan include?

Onoff Business wants to allow you to develop your business without any limitations! That’s why our French plan gives you unlimited calls and SMS and MMS to France and unlimited calls to Europe for only 9€ per month. Please check the details of the plan here

Is it possible to make international calls with an Onoff Business phone number?

Yes, of course! Onoff Business crosses borders with international packages and allows calling in the main regions of the world so that you can grow your business: Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Please find the details in the Onoff Business pricing conditions on our Pricing page

Do additional fees apply if I use my Onoff Business number in another country?

If you are in a country that belongs to the European Union, no additional fees apply (provided that your personal plan is unlimited in the country of origin of your Onoff Business number, and in Europe). In case you are in a country outside the European Union, additional telecommunication fees will apply. If you are connected to an internet network, you can receive calls and SMS without an additional fee. 

How much do the international packages cost?

For detailed information, please see the Onoff Business pricing conditions on our Pricing page

What countries are included in the international packages?

You will find the exhaustive list of countries in our pricing conditions. This list will evolve with time, as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” ;). Please visit our pricing conditions on our pricing page for detailed information.

What is the difference between a plan and a package?

The plan is the pricing system which covers phone numbers. A package is an option dedicated to international calls. You can choose to add one or several packages to a number.

How do I change packages?

It is very easy and quick to change a package with Onoff Business! In order to change a package of a user, you just need to go on this user’s profile on the management platform and delete this package. You can then add another package to the above-mentioned user. Any change has immediate effect.

Is the portability of a number free of charge?

Yes! Onoff Business does not charge you any fees for porting a number to your Business account. You need to take into account the conditions you have in place with your previous operator, as there could be costs related to the resiliation of the contract.

4 - The features
Why is a SIM card required?

We want to offer you the best possible user experience. Our technology makes it possible to use your SIM card and make GSM calls inside the Onoff Business application. GSM calls provide a better quality than Voice over IP 🙂

How many users can I add?

You decide! You can add as many users as you need to your Onoff Business account.

Can I choose a specific number for my users?

Currently, you can choose between different available numbers. We are working on an even cooler feature to allow you to choose really outstanding numbers. Stay tuned!

Can I reassign a number from one user to another?

Of course ;). Just select the user to whom you want to reassign the number and it’s done!

What is the difference between the Onoff Business management platform and the Onoff Business application?

The Onoff Business management platform is the interface where you can manage the entire mobile fleet of the company and the numbers of all the users. The Onoff Business application is downloaded to the devices of all the users for them to be able to make calls and send SMS with their Onoff Business mobile numbers.

If you are both the manager of the console and the user of the mobile application, please consider that the login details for these two accesses are different. We suggest you keep these separate!  

On what devices can I use the Onoff Business app?

You can use the Onoff Business app on any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet. Very soon, you will also be able to use the Onoff Business application on any desktop or laptop computer;)

Do I need to have a specific plan on my SIM card in order to use it with the Onoff Business application?

No, you can use any plan you have! Our application uses the minutes and the data of your plan, thus we recommend you to have a large or unlimited plan.

5 - Miscellaneous
Who does the data of an Onoff Business number belong to?

The data of an Onoff Business phone number belongs to the company or organisation that purchased its subscription. 

Is your service compliant with GPDR rules?

As a telecom operator, personal data is key in our functioning. We abide by all the rules defined by the regulation in Europe.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please find our Terms of service here

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? 

You can contact us directly via the management platform. 

6 - Microsoft Teams
What is an Onoff Business number for Teams?

We are the only operator to provide mobile numbers’ integration into Teams. By using Onoff Business mobile numbers in Teams, you can make calls directly from the Teams mobile or desktop application without the need for a second phone.

For more information, go here

How can I set up Onoff Business numbers for Teams?

First, our team will need to configure your Teams account as well your Onoff Business account. You would need to possess licences (E1 or E3 with the addon system of communication / E5 / Business + Business voice) for each of your users to whom you would like to assign mobile numbers. The automatic synchronisation with Microsoft makes it possible for your employees that use Teams to be displayed directly on the Onoff Business management platform. As a next step, you would then add mobile numbers to them on the platform. The numbers would be available directly in the employees' Teams interface within 24 hours maximum.

How can the employees access Onoff Business numbers on Teams?

They only need to connect to their Teams interface and their number will appear directly under the “Calls” section above the dial pad.

How much does an Onoff Business number for Teams cost?

An Onoff Business number for Teams costs only 12€ per month excluding tax. Please find detailed information on our pricing page.

Is it possible to send SMS with an Onoff Business number for Teams?

Currently it is only possible to make calls with the Onoff Business number in Teams. Soon, it will also be able to send SMS, we are working on this feature!

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