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About Onoff Business

About Onoff Business
What is Onoff ?

Onoff Telecom is a regulated telecommunications operator that provides phone services in the Cloud. Onoff combines the agility of mobile applications with the reliability of traditional telecom services.

What is Onoff Business?

Onoff Business is the service of Onoff dedicated to enterprises and organisations.

What is the difference between Onoff and Onoff Business?

Our Onoff solution is more suited for personal use. You can take a second number with the Onoff application in case you are a freelancer and want to separate your professional communication inside your device. 

Our Onoff Business solution allows companies and organisations to create professional accounts and manage their entire mobile phone fleet on an intuitive online interface.
On this interface, the manager of the fleet can instantly add the employees and assign numbers and packages to them.
He can also apply many other useful features such as the reassignment of a number in one click in case of vacations or departure, the deletion of a number, set up a Greeting solution or an integration (Microsoft Teams, CRM)

Who can sign up with Onoff Business?

You need more than one professional mobile number for your company or organisation? Onoff Business is the perfect solution for you! You can sign up here!

What are the main advantages of using Onoff Business?

For companies and organisations, we simplify their entire mobile fleet management by taking away the bureaucracy and by substituting it by an intuitive online management interface.
Employees will only need one device both for their professional and personal communication.
Via the Onoff Business mobile application, they can use up to 5 additional numbers, assigned to them by the manager of the platform. These numbers work like a regular mobile number on a smartphone.

Where can I find more information on the Onoff Business features?

For detailed information on the features, please visit the Onoff Business Features page. The best way to discover the features is to sign up and test them out firsthand 🙂

What is the difference between Onoff Business and a traditional telecom service provider?

Our Cloud service allows incredible additional features, such as using your phone number on any device - Smartphone IOS, Smartphone Android or even laptop.
To find out more, please visit our Features page.

Is Onoff a telecommunications operator?

Yes, Onoff is an officially licensed telecommunications operator in 21 countries.
Onoff Telecom is a telecommunications operator recognized by the ARCEP.

What does Cloud Numbers mean?

Cloud Numbers is the technology invented and patented by Onoff.
The Cloud Numbers are identical to mobile numbers given by traditional phone operators, except for the technological aspect -  Onoff has disconnected the physical SIM card from the mobile number to place the number into the cloud. That allows us to provide you with additional awesome features.
Why don’t you come and discover them right away? Sign your company or organisation up

Start with Onoff Business
How do I create an Onoff Business account?

Just sign up on the following page: 

It only takes an instant!

How do I set up the management interface?

You do not need to set up anything. After signing up, you directly have access to the management platform and you can immediately start adding users.
Once the users have been added, you can assign mobile phone numbers to them. For the mobile numbers to become active you will need to have your Onoff Business account validated and the bank information filled in. 

Why do I need to validate my account?

Onoff is a regulated telecommunications operator, and we comply with local regulations in the countries where we operate.
This regulation requires us to collect and verify the identity of your company or organisation, and the identity of its legal representative. 

What documents do I need to provide for the validation of the account?

We need to collect data in order to verify your business or organization. The following documents will be requested afterwards. As soon as your account is validated, all Onoff Business features will be activated

Certificate of registration
A document less than 3 months old from the list opposite

  • Extract from the Kbis
  • Copy of the signed statutes

Identity document of the legal representative
A valid document from the list opposite

  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Driver's license
What are the different Onoff Business offers?

Onoff Business offers three different offers: Connect, Advanced, and Max.
To discover the details and compare the offers, go to the “Offers” page on this link.
The Max offer will be available by the beginning of 2023.

What are the features offered by each of the offers?

To discover the features that each offer offers, please go to the “Offers” page by this link.

When does the change of offer take effect? How will billing for this change be calculated?

The change is instantaneous for all of your users in the event that you choose an offer with more features than your current offer. A payment will be made based on the pricing of the new offer. You will benefit right away the new features.
The amount of this payment will be prorated for the remainder of your current billing period based on your account renewal date.

If you choose an offer that includes fewer features than your current offer: your active users and phone numbers will see the change when you next renew your account.
If you change offers on a date other than your billing date, your account renewal date will not change.
In the event of a change of offer, your next invoice will specify the new amounts due by the new offer chosen and will indicate the name of the corresponding offer.

How to change offer?

Go to “my account” then “Billing” to select a new offer. Depending on the offer chosen, you have the option of having more features and services or having fewer.

Can I have 2 different offers on my account?

A single offer is valid for all users and numbers on your account.

Is there a minimum number of users to subscribe to an offer?

There is no limit for the number of users you can add to the interface under your Onoff Business account.

Is it possible to benefit from features that are not included in my offer?

If you want to access a feature that is not included in your current offer, you will need to change your offer.

The pricing
Are there any registration fees when signing up with Onoff Business?

None! Signing up with Onoff Business as well as access to the management platform is free of charge. The subscription to mobile numbers or to international packages is charged.

How much do I pay per month with Onoff Business?

Our prices are simple and transparent. Your Onoff numbers are renewed every month. For more information, please click here. Pricing page. 

Does the price include taxes? Do I need to add the VAT of my country to the amount presented on the invoice?

The price we show is without VAT. VAT might be added in some cases, for example if you are not a company.

How does payment work with Onoff Business?

The monthly payment date is set from the day your first number is activated.
Currently, payments can only be made with credit cards, but we will soon add more payment methods.

What kind of plans does Onoff Business offer?

With Onoff Business, you can subscribe to phone numbers from several countries. Currently, we propose numbers for Belgium, Canada, France, Israel, Poland, Sweden, UK and US.
Please see the
Pricing page to get detailed information on all of our plans. 

What does the French plan include?

With Onoff Business:

  • A management interface (creation, deletion, allocation of numbers in a few clicks)
  • The possibility to port your existing business numbers to Onoff Business
  • The possibility to make calls via the cellular network 

Two possible offers in your case, the Avanced and Extended offers.

The Avanced offer at 9 euros HT includes :

  • 2000 minutes of national calls and 600 minutes to Europe
  • 2000 SMS to France
  • The possibility to open the application on 3 devices at the same time (including a browser)

The Extended offer at 25 euros HT includes :

  • 4000 minutes of national calls and 600 minutes to Europe
  • 4000 SMS to France
  • CRM integrations
  • Click-to-call & SMS web extension

Please check the details of the plan here. 

Is it possible to make international calls with an Onoff Business phone number?

Yes, of course! Onoff Business crosses borders with international packages and allows calling in the main regions of the world so that you can grow your business: Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Please find the details in the Onoff Business pricing conditions on our Pricing page. 

Do additional fees apply if I use my Onoff Business number in another country?

If you are in a country that belongs to the European Union, no additional fees apply (provided that your personal plan is unlimited in the country of origin of your Onoff Business number, and in Europe).
In case you are in a country outside the European Union, additional telecommunication fees will apply. If you are connected to an internet network, you can receive calls without an additional fee. 

How much do the international packages cost?

For detailed information, please see the Onoff Business pricing conditions on our Pricing page. 

What countries are included in the international packages?

You will find the exhaustive list of countries in our pricing conditions. This list will evolve with time.
Please visit our pricing conditions on our pricing page
for detailed information.

What is the difference between a plan and a package?

The plan is the pricing system which covers phone numbers.
A package is an option dedicated to international calls. You can choose to add one or several packages to a number.

How do I change packages?

It is very easy and quick to change a package with Onoff Business!
In order to change a package of a user, you just need to go on this user’s profile on the management platform and delete this package. You can then add another package to the above-mentioned user. Any change has immediate effect.

Is the portability of a number free of charge?

Yes! Onoff Business does not charge you any fees for porting a number to your Business account. You need to take into account the conditions you have in place with your previous operator, as there could be costs related to the resiliation of the contract.

The features
Why is a SIM card required?

We want to offer you the best possible user experience.
Our technology makes it possible to use your SIM card and make GSM calls inside the Onoff Business application.
GSM calls provide a better quality than Voice over IP.

How many users can I add?

You can add as many users as you need to your Onoff Business account.

Can I choose a specific number for my users?

Yes, you can choose between the numbers that are available from the management interface. 
For your convenience, you can choose consecutive numbers. 

Can I reassign a number from one user to another?

You can reassign a number to another user.

Go to your management interface then click on Capture.PNGnext to the number then "Reassign number to..."

From there, choose the destination user and you'll have the choice of affecting the number's data history or not. 

What is the difference between the Onoff Business management platform and the Onoff Business application?

The Onoff Business management interface allows you to manage the entire company's mobile fleet and the numbers of all users.
Also, you have the possibility to change your offer, set up your Greeting or discover our various integrations.
The management interface can be accessed from the link and the login details are the email address and the password given when the account was created. 

The Onoff Business application is downloaded to all users' phones so that they can make calls and send SMS with their Onoff Business mobile numbers.
Go to the Play Store or Apple Store and type in Onoff Business (please do not download the classic Onoff application)
Then the employee will be able to log in with his user email address and the password sent by email when creating this user on your management interface. 

If you are both the console manager and the mobile application user, be aware that the login information for these two accesses are different.
We suggest you keep them separate!

On what devices can I use the Onoff Business app?

You can use the Onoff Business app on any iOS or Android cell phone. 
You can also use your Onoff number from your computer thanks to our Webapp:

Do I need to have a specific plan on my SIM card in order to use it with the Onoff Business application?

As your Onoff number is directly linked to the sim card installed on the mobile used, your calls are therefore deducted from your package under the same conditions as the native number.
If you have an unlimited call plan, then your calls from your Onoff number will also be unlimited.
If the operator charges for calls to or from abroad, the same applies to Onoff calls.

Who does the data of an Onoff Business number belong to?

The data of an Onoff Business phone number belongs to the company or organisation that purchased its subscription. 

Is your service compliant with GPDR rules?

As a telecom operator, personal data is key in our functioning. We abide by all the rules defined by the regulation in Europe.
Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for any further information.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please find our Terms of service here. 

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? 

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Microsoft Teams
What is an Onoff Business number for Teams?

We are the only operator to provide mobile numbers’ integration into Teams. By using Onoff Business mobile numbers in Teams, you can make calls directly from the Teams mobile or desktop application without the need for a second phone.

For more information, go here

How can I set up Onoff Business numbers for Teams?

Go to your management interface then "Integration" then "Microsoft" and "Connect". 

Our team needs to configure and connect your Microsoft account to our Onoff Business platform.
You must have two specific licenses (Phone System License and Microsoft Business 365) for each of your users to be able to assign them mobile numbers directly in Teams.

Thanks to the automatic synchronization with Microsoft, your colleagues who use Teams will appear directly on the Onoff Business management platform.
You can then assign mobile numbers directly to them. The numbers will be available directly on the Teams application (mobile or PC) of your colleagues within 24 hours.
They will then be able to make calls and send SMS directly from Teams.

How can the employees access Onoff Business numbers on Teams?

Your employees only have to log in on their Teams interface, and their mobile number will appear directly in the "Calls" tab under the input keyboard to dial a number.
This number is accessible from the mobile or PC of each employee who has an Onoff Business mobile number in Teams.

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for any further information. 

How much does an Onoff Business number for Teams cost?

An Onoff Business number for Teams starts from 9€ per month excluding tax.
Please find detailed information on our pricing page.

Is it possible to send SMS with an Onoff Business number for Teams?

Currently it is only possible to make calls with the Onoff Business number in Teams. Soon, it will also be able to send SMS, we are working on this feature!

What is an Onoff Business number dedicated to Teams?

We are the only carrier offering to integrate phone numbers directly into Microsoft Teams. By using Onoff Business phone numbers dedicated to Teams, you and your users can directly make calls and send texts from the Teams app, without the need for a second phone.

Who can have a Teams number?

Only users resulting from the synchronization between Onoff Business and Microsoft Teams will be able to be assigned a mobile number. You can easily recognize them by the small Microsoft logo next to their names.

How do I get Onoff Business numbers in Teams for my business?

To obtain an Onoff Business number for Microsoft Teams, nothing could be simpler, you must synchronize your account via then make an appointment with our teams in order to activate your account via the " Make an appointment".

How can employees access or use dedicated Onoff Business Teams numbers?

Your employees just have to connect to their Teams interface, and their mobile number will appear directly in the “Calls” tab under the input keyboard to dial a number. This number is accessible from the mobile, desktop or tablet of each employee who has an Onoff Business mobile number in Teams.

Which users are synchronized?

When you synchronize your accounts, you have the possibility to choose which users you want to synchronize on the Onoff Business administration interface.

Can I have a Teams number and a classic Onoff Business number?

It is possible to have a Teams number as well as one or more classic Onoff Business numbers for the same user.

Is it possible to port a number in Teams?

As classic Onoff Business numbers, you have the possibility of porting a number in Teams.

Can I sync my Microsoft account with multiple Onoff accounts?

Yes, however synchronization can be active on only one account at a time. In addition, all users already synchronized on one account will not be able to appear on another.

Is it possible to migrate a Teams number to another employee?

As a classic Onoff Business number, you can reassign a Teams number to another user.

My Onoff Teams number no longer works, what should I do?

If a Teams phone number no longer works, it is possible that one of the licenses necessary for its proper functioning has been withdrawn from the user, wishing to use his mobile number. If you think you have the right licenses please contact our support, we will be happy to help you.

How to delete a synchronized user?

You must delete it from your Microsoft account via this link It will be automatically deleted from your Onoff account within 5 minutes.

Is it possible to delete a Teams phone number?

As a classic Onoff Business number, you have the option of deleting a user's Teams number.

The administration panel

Account settings
What's the Onoff B2B console?

The Onoff management interface is an advanced configuration tool.
It allows you to create users, add phone numbers, labels and manage your billing.
Also, you have the possibility to change your offer, set up your Greeting or discover our various integrations.
The management interface is accessible from the link and the identifiers are the email address and the password given when creating the account. 

What's a B2B manager ?

The interface manager has the possibility to configure the settings of the B2B account. 

What can the interface manager is allowed to do on the Onoff B2B console ?

The B2B manager can: 

  • Add/edit/delete users
  • Add/re-assign/delete phone numbers
  • Add/edit/delete labels
  • Edit the account and billing details
  • Assign different type of solutions to his users
  • Access to the invoices
  • Manage the Greeting solution
  • Change your Onoff Business offer
  • Synchronize your account with one of our integrations 
How to assign a new B2B manager to my account ?

Log in to your management interface , go to "My account" then to "Change email address" and change the email address to the one of the new B2B manager.

Only one manager is allowed per account.

How to change my B2B manager password?

Go to the management interface then "My Account", "Account details" and "Password".

How to reset my password ?

Go to the Onoff Business website and click on "Login" in the
under "Forgotten password". Then enter your administrator's e-mail address to reset your password.

What's a user ?

A user is a person who needs an Onoff number within your company. 

Who can add users ?

Only the interface manager can add users.

I assign a number to my user, what's next ?

After assigning a number to your user he will receive and email containing the credentials that he should use to login to the Onoff Business application. 

Is it possible to have multiple B2B managers ?

No, at the moment you can only have one B2B manager.

Can I delete my Onoff B2B console account ?

If you wish to close your account, please send an email to [email protected]

How to change the company name of my company on the B2B console ?

If you want to change the information of your company please send an email to our support team at [email protected]

How to switch to another language ?

To change the language of the interface console you should go to "My account" then to "Language" and select the requested language.

How to contact the support ?

To reach the Onoff B2B support you can either send an email to [email protected] or use the chat available from the Onoff B2B console.

How to log out ?

To logout from the Onoff B2B console you should go to "Settings" and click on "Log out".

What happens after adding a user?

Once the user has been created, he will receive an email inviting him to download the Onoff Business application. They will then be able to connect to the Onoff Business application using their email address and the password provided in the email.
Note that if a user created does not have a phone number assigned, the latter will not be able to use the Onoff Business application.

How to add a user?

To add users, simply log in to the Onoff Business administration interface, select "Add users" at the top right and then enter the requested information.
Then you have the choice of subscribing to an Onoff Business number, requesting portability or assigning the number later.

How to delete a user?

Click on the affected user and click on "Delete user". You will then be asked to confirm the action.
Once completed, the user will be permanently removed from the account and you will no longer be charged for the number associated with that user.

Is adding a user chargeable?

Adding a user is free. Onoff Business charges each assigned number and the price depends on the offer.
Please see our pricing page for more details.

How do I change a user's email address?

Click on the user concerned, then "Edit user" and "Email address".

How to add a phone number to a user?

Click on the user concerned then on "Assign a number"
You will have the choice between keeping your number through portability or selecting a new phone number from the drop-down list. You also have the option of choosing an international number if you wish.
Finalize the subscription and the user will be able to instantly make calls and send SMS from his application!

How do I reassign a phone number?

Click on the user with the Onoff number to be reassigned.

Click Capture.PNGon the right of the Onoff number and "Reassign number to. ".
Select the desired new employee. You will then have the choice of transferring the existing data or deleting it.

How to delete an Onoff phone number on a user?

Click on the Onoff number concerned, then click Capture.PNGon the right of the number and "Delete number". Be careful, this action will be irreversible and all the data will be definitively lost.

Am I limited in number of users?

You can add the number of users you want

Can we share a phone number?

It is currently not possible to share the same number with several users.

Am I limited in the number of phone numbers per user?

You can have up to 5 phone numbers per user.

How to create a label?

Go to the "Create labels" tab located at the top left of the interface. You can then give your label a name and choose a color to differentiate this label from the other labels you will create later.

How to assign a label?

You can change the labels of your users directly by going to their profiles. Select the name of a desired user, then click on the "label" section. Tap the "+" button that is to the right of the "Label" section. You can then add or remove a label for your user.

How to modify/delete a label?

Go to the "Label" section on the left of your interface, then to the label concerned and "Modify".

How to delete a label on the user?

Go to the label of the user concerned and click on Capture.PNG then choose "Delete the label".

How to use interface filters?

From the interface, a search bar allows you to quickly find a user, a phone number or a label group.

How do I perform inbound portability?

Incoming portability allows you to transfer your number from your SIM card to the Onoff app.
Note that if you choose to transfer your number, you will need to obtain another SIM card for your phone. Indeed, the Onoff application requires access to the GSM network to make calls and therefore a valid SIM card. This SIM card can come from any operator.
Currently, number portability is only available in France.
To carry out portability, go to the "Numbers" section then click on "Keep my number". Enter your RIO code (you can obtain it by dialing 3179) then the desired portability date and the telephone number you wish to keep.

How do I perform outbound portability?

To transfer an Onoff number to another operator, simply dial 3179 from the number concerned
An automated message will indicate your RIO code, which will also be sent to you by message.

You can then provide this code to your new operator.

How do I migrate my classic Onoff number to an Onoff Business account?

To do this, simply create an Onoff Business account directly on the site
Then, you will have to create, directly on the Onoff Business administration interface but without assigning a phone number, the user profile to which you want the number to be transferred.
Once this is done, simply contact our support team so that they can start migrating your phone number.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find all of your invoices in the "Billing" tab from your "My account".

What does my invoice contain?

Your invoice is a summary of all your number purchases over a month.
There is no charge for this invoice. 

When is my invoice issued?

Your invoice is published at the end of each month. It will be available on your management interface from the "Billing" tab in "My Account". 

What is a receipt?

For each purchase made on the management interface, a receipt will be sent to you to attest to this transaction.

How do I change the reference contact for invoicing?

Go to your management interface, "My account" then "Billing". You will then be able to change the person responsible for invoicing.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

Accepted payment methods are credit card and direct debit via SEPA.

How to add/modify/delete a SEPA account?

To change your bank details, go to your management interface, "My account" then "Billing".

How to add/modify/delete a credit card?

To change your bank details, go to your management interface, "My account" then "Billing"

Will I be charged for out-of-bundle minutes?

Onoff is a secondary line system, which works using your main line's SIM card or your Internet/Wifi network.
Your Onoff number being directly linked to the sim card installed on the mobile used, your communications sent will therefore be deducted from your plan under the same conditions as those of your native number. If you have an unlimited call plan, then your communications from your Onoff number will also be unlimited. If your operator charges for calls to or from abroad, the same will apply to Onoff communications which will transit to or from your SIM card.
You have the possibility to make and receive your calls only in VOIP provided that the country where the call is made or received, does not block VOIP

During my payment, the price of the number is different from the price displayed previously

With Onoff, you only pay for what you use. If you take a number in the middle of the month for example, you will only pay in proportion to this period only.

CRM - How are my Onoff contacts synchonized with the CRM integration?

Every time that you or your employees interact with any of your CRM contacts (either by making/receiving a call, or sending/receiving an SMS), our integration will automatically fetch the latest data from the CRM and create a new contact in the Onoff platform (for non existing contacts). This will allow Onoff users to get valuable contact information directly in the Onoff interfaces: see CRM details in the Contact's details, get CRM results when searching for a contact/number in the dialpad, enhanced CallerID for your incoming calls, etc.
Plus, in addition to automatic contact creation, users can manually update the information for existing Onoff contacts inside the contact details. This specific action will replace the existing information for the Onoff contact with the latest data from the CRM.

CRM - Why aren't my calls, SMS and VM not being logged on the CRM?

If you experience issues logging calls, SMS or VM in your CRM, please make sure that all the necessary conditions are met:
-The Onoff Business administrator of your company already set up the integration, and the integration is currently active
-Your Onoff number is enabled to sync with the integration, if you have doubts check with your admin
-The interaction (call/SMS/VM) involved a Contact or a Lead existing in your CRM. Make sure that the contact was registered in the CRM with a phone number in the proper format (we support phone numbers in international format only, i.e., including the country code, example: '+33 6 xx xx xx xx' and not '06 xx xx xx xx') or else no data will be logged in the CRM.

If all conditions are met but the issue persists, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team

CRM - Does my plan include the CRM integration?

The CRM integration is included from the Advanced offer.

CRM - Do calls through the chrome extension also create logs in my CRM?

Yes, when you use the Onoff Business chrome extension to make calls, or to send SMS to your CRM contacts, all these interactions will be automatically logged in the Contact's timeline.
Please note that if the call or SMS happened before the integration was set up or the contact was created in the CRM, the interaction won't be automatically logged.
We don't create contacts in your CRM automatically, as to avoid polluting your CRM's contact base.

CRM - Do calls through MS Teams also create logs in my CRM?

Yes, when you use MS Teams to make calls, or to send SMS to your CRM contacts, all these interactions will be automatically logged in the Contact's timeline.
Please note that if the call or SMS happened before the integration was set up or the contact was created in the CRM, the interaction won't be automatically logged.
We don't create contacts in your CRM automatically, as to avoid polluting your CRM's contact base.
Also note that currently Voicemails are not recorded in the call logs.

CRM - The info in my CRM isn't updating immediately. Is it normal?

There will be times where the info displayed might not be updated immediately. In these cases, you can wait 5-10 minutes and then refresh your page.

CRM - Why are the activities created by the integration not assigned to me in the CRM?

When an event needs to be logged in the CRM, we will search for the email address of the Onoff Business user among all CRM users. If we find a match, then the event (call/SMS/VM) will be logged in the CRM and assigned to the corresponding user. For example if the Onoff Business account is [email protected] and the crm account is [email protected] > then the calls/SMS/VM related to Marie's number will be logged and assigned to Marie.
If there is no match, then the event will be created and assigned to the current contact owner.
Otherwise, if the contact doesn't have an owner, the event will be logged but will remain un-assigned.

Greeting - What is Greeting?

"Greeting" is a "standard number" which allows you to transfer your incoming calls, in cascade or simultaneously, it is also possible to reallocate a number from one user to another.

Greeting - Can I have a landline number as a standard number?

The standard numbers that we offer are currently only mobile numbers.

Greeting - Who has access to Greeting settings?

Only the account manager can set up and access the Greeting area.

Greeting - How to buy a Greeting number?

Greeting is available from the Advanced offer.
Go to "Greeting" at the top right of your interface.

Greeting - Is it possible to make an incoming portability on Greeting?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to port another number on Greeting.

Greeting - What are the possible configurations?

We currently offer 2 different configurations:
The possibility of ringing several users in succession (cascade) or directly a group of users at the same time (simultaneous).

Greeting - What is the first digit of Greeting numbers?

All our Greeting numbers start with "07".

Greeting - Is there a user number limit?

You can have as many users as you want on your Greeting.

Greeting - How to plan schedules?

You can organize your contact time slots on Greeting. To do this, go to "Define schedules".
From there, you will be able to choose your time zone, as well as the call assignment times in working hours or non-working hours.

Greeting - What is Call Repeat?

Repeating calls is used to relaunch the ringtone of the call for users.

Greeting - Where can I find my Greeting invoice?

The Greeting invoice is directly integrated into your Onoff Business invoice. This is available in your management interface in "My account" and "Billing". 

How much does a dedicated Onoff Business Teams number cost?

An Onoff Business number integrated into Teams costs only 9€ (France) and from 25€ (International) excluding taxes per month.

Using Onoff Business App

How do I change the email address attached to my account?

This modification can be done on the management interface of your organization's Onoff Business account. Do not hesitate to contact your administrator so that he can make the change.

How do I change my password?

From the mobile application, click on the icon at the top left to access the menu.

Go to "My Account" then "Account Settings" and then "Change Password".

How to configure my account?

Your name and email address cannot be changed via the Onoff Business app. These modifications can be done by the person who is managing the interface in your organization.
You can modify your password inside the app. In order to do this, click on the menu icon at the top left corner.
Go to "My account" then "Account Setting" and then to “Change password”.

Is my information used for commercial purposes?

Onoff undertakes not to provide your personal information to any third party company.
To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our Privacy Policy. 

How to...
How to delete a message or a conversation?

- Delete one or more messages
From the home screen, go to the "Messages" tab and choose the conversation concerned. Find the message then drag it left or right; it will turn red (you can select more than one this way). Then click on the "trash can" icon at the top of your screen.

- How do I delete an entire conversation?
From the "Messages" tab, simply swipe the conversation to the left to reveal the "Delete" button (long press on Android), then confirm.

âš  Once a message is deleted, it is impossible for us to recover it! âš 

How to call international number?

By activating the option Call via wifi data you have the possibility to call European countries. 

Otherwise, to call a foreign country, check with your account administrator that you have a package that covers the desired international area. If this is the case, then :
- Open the dialing screen from the "Calls" tab
- Touch the "Flag" icon on Android, or "Prefix" on iOS
- Select the country you want to call, the country code will be automatically inserted
- Dial the number and simply make your call

Can I send an SMS internationally with Onoff?

In the Onoff Business offer, you have the possibility to send SMS to numbers with the same nationality as your Onoff number.

Alternatively, you have the possibility to send SMS to international numbers if you have an adequate package.
Contact your account administrator so that he can subscribe you the option that best suits your needs.

How to send an SMS?

- Select the "Messages" tab from the home screen.
- Touch the “pencil” icon.
Choose your recipient by entering their name or number in the "to" section at the top of the page.
Type your message.
- Once ready, just tap the green icon on the right to send your message.

How to call?

From the Home screen, select the "Calls" tab and touch the "keyboard" icon. Then dial the desired number.
You can also select the person of your choice from the "Contacts" tab, and use "Call".

How to activate or deactivate the on / off functions?

- For calls and messages:

In the app, open the menu with the icon at the top left.
Press "Options" under the number.
From here you can turn calls and messages on or off using the corresponding buttons.


- For voicemail:

Open the app and go to the "Voicemail" tab.
Tap the microphone icon.
Select a number, then use the toggle switch at the top to turn voicemail on or off.


I have a problem...
The app calls unknown numbers

You may have noticed that when you call, the number displayed on the screen is different from the one you dialed. This number is actually an Onoff server which allows communication to be established to the number you wish to reach.

Don't worry, it doesn't change your call, and your correspondent will only see your Onoff Business number!

Be careful, however, if you use the application from a country other than your Onoff Business number, your operator may bill you for international calls.

I am not receiving calls and / or messages

If you don't see calls and / or messages on your phone, it's probably because of your notification settings configuration.

If you have an iOS phone, here's how to make sure they're set up correctly:

- Go to your phone's settings
- Tap "Notifications"
- Find 'Onoff Business'
- Make sure notifications are turned on
- Select "Banners" on iOS
Screenshot below (IOS 13.6)



If you have an Android phone, the configuration may vary from one brand or model to another. Here's how to do it on a  normal Android phone….

Screenshot_2020-08-13_at_11.50.25.png Screenshot_2020-08-13_at_11.54.05.png


My account is blocked

This can happen if your password has been entered incorrectly too many times.

To unlock your account, try resetting your password. You can do this by using the “Receive Password” button on the app's login screen. An email will be sent to you with instructions. Open this email, follow the link provided and enter your new password.

I can't call anymore

There can be several explanations:
- Your subscription has not been renewed. Then consult your account administrator to verify your account
- The number you are calling may be incorrect, or unreachable.
- You may have  called or texted too much, and in this case the fair use policy was triggered.

Managing your contacts
How do I synchronize my phonebook with my Onoff account?

From the home screen, open the menu via the icon on the top left.

Go to "My account" then "Application settings" and activate "Contacts synchronization".

You will first have to authorize the Onoff Business application to access your phone book on your phone

This option will copy all your contacts from your phone, and you will find them on your Onoff Business application.

In case you change your phone, your contacts will remain on your Onoff Business account. You will only have to install the application, to find your contacts and phone numbers.

How to block or unblock someone?

The number must first be saved in your directory. 

Then click on the contact and on Capture.PNGand you will be able to "Block the contact", "Mark as SPAM" or "Unblock the contact".

How do I change the Onoff number associated with one of my contacts?
  • From the home screen, go to the "Contacts" tab
  • Choose the one you are interested in (you can use the search function)
  • Click on Capture.PNG
  • Then touch "Associate to profile" and select a category.
Using the features of the app
Can I send photos, videos and audio files?

Yes it's possible !
You can receive MMS normally, and send files via an automatically generated link via SMS.
We hope to make them easier to use very soon! This feature is currently only available for French numbers.

Can I receive calls or texts from short numbers?

Onoff numbers can generally receive these codes and calls, but we cannot guarantee that this will work with all short numbers and services on the market. 
Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Are my calls and messages secure?

The Onoff Business application uses your SIM card's network. Thus your calls and messages are as secure as those you make with your phone!

Do I need an internet connection to make a call?

All calls must briefly access our servers in order to establish the connection between your virtual number and your contact.
Note that the "Answer via Wi-Fi / Data" option is enabled by default, which means that incoming calls go through the internet. You can change it in the Application Settings.

What is a delayed message?

For each message you can choose the time when you would like it to be sent out.
No more forgetting birthdays or important events!
To do this, touch the ⏱ or ⏳ icon next to the green arrow. 
Then set up the time of your choice.

Is it possible to have multiple phone numbers?

Yes, the Onoff Business application allows you to have up to 5 numbers per user. Contact your account administrator so that he can subscribe additional numbers for you!

What are the Onoff Business features that can be activated and deactivated?

With the Onoff Business app, you have the unique possibility to activate or deactivate when you want the following features:
- Calls
- Messages
- Voicemail
To do this, open the menu via the icon at the top left, select "Options" under the number concerned then use the corresponding on / off switches.
The button to the right of your number can also be used to turn off calls & messages with one touch!

How can I personalize my voicemail?

When you are on the home page of your Onoff number, you should have 4 small icons. Choose the third one which represents a recorder. On the new page, you will see a small microphone, click on it and you will have the option to select "Customize".
Now let us guide you to record your voicemail.