Your mobile phone numbers in Microsoft Teams

Integrate your mobile phone numbers into Microsoft Teams and allow your employees to make calls and send SMS directly from Teams application. 

How to synchronize your Microsoft Teams users to Onoff Business?

• Click on the button then “Integrations”

• Activate the synchronization by checking on “Synchro”

• You will receive an email to authorize the synchronization

• Wait between 10 minutes and 24 hours for the synchronization to be completed

• A synchronization is then performed automatically every 5 minutes

• You can assign an Onoff number in Microsoft Teams, for this, the user must have a compatible license

More features

Assign business mobile phone numbers to your employees in a matter of clicks. 

Organise your workspace according to the structure of your company using labels and colours. 

Choose international plans for your employees so that they can easily communicate with the whole world.

Discover how to organise your interface!

With Onoff Business, organise your interface according to your company structure. It’s super simple!