Manage your interface

Organise your workspace according to the structure of your company using labels and colours. 

How to organise your interface?

• Click on the top left button “Create labels” to add a department or a team name (e.g. HR, Finance, Sales team…)

• Fill in the name of the label, choose the color that will be associated with it and create the label

• Click on an employee’s profile and then on the + button in the “Labels” box

• Check the label(s) associated with your employee

More features

Somebody leaving the company? Reassign a number to another employee in a few clicks.

Integrate your mobile phone numbers and allow your employees to make calls and send SMS directly from the Teams application.

Choose international plans for your employees so that they can easily communicate with the whole world.

Discover how to add your colleagues!

With Onoff Business, you can quickly add your colleagues to the interface. It’s super simple!