Keep your mobile phone number

Transfer your current business numbers to Onoff Business. This only requires a few simple steps. 

How to bring professional numbers to Onoff Business?

• Click on the profile of the employee who wants to keep his/her number

• Click on the + button in the “Numbers” box

• Click on the “keep number” button

• Get your RIO number from your current operator

• Enter the number, choose the date of portability and enter the RIO number

More features

Assign business mobile phone numbers to your employees in a matter of clicks. 

Somebody leaving the company? Reassign a number to another employee in a few clicks.

Integrate your mobile phone numbers and allow your employees to make calls and send SMS directly from the Teams application.

Discover how to synchronize your Microsoft Teams users
in Onoff Business!

You can synchronize your Onoff Business account with Microsoft Teams and enable calling directly
from the collaborative tool.